The brilliant Battle Bay has been released globally and everybody loves playing it right now, myself included. There are five ships you can play as at the moment: Shooter, Speeder, Enforcer, Defender and Fixer. So you might be wondering which one is the best option for you. We’re here to help you make that decision with a complete guide to the Battle Bay ships: details on each type of ship and which one to pick.

Before reading this (or afterwards, it doesn’t really matter), don’t forget to check out our tips and tricks article for the game as you might find some useful information there as well. And now let’s carry on and answer the burning questions: what’s the best ship in Battle Bay – Shooter, Speeder, Enforcer, Defender or Fixer?

Before answering this question based on my own experience, I think it’s best to check out each Ship with its stats without any equipped weapons and talk a bit about each one.

Battle Bay Shooter Ship

This is the starting ship and I consider it decent and suitable for those who want to go all in into battle and equip multiple weapons. As you can see, it has two weapon slots and one slot for passive effect items, which I would consider decent for those who can easily navigate between weapons and fire their shots constantly.

I don’t really like the attributes of the Shooter though, especially the ship’s agility and the turret’s agility. These are extremely important when it comes to turning your ship and aiming, and the mediocre numbers don’t help out a lot. Otherwise, the ship is pretty fast – the second fastest in the game – but you lose a bit when it comes to steering and aiming.

Battle Bay Speeder Ship

This seems to be the exact opposite of the Shooter: extremely agile and easy to control, the Speeder is fast and easy to use. As a downside compared to the previous vehicle, it can only equip a single weapon, plus a control item and a passive item one. Not exactly the best setup for offensive players, but not bad either.

I am not really a big fan of the Speeder: despite the fact that it’s fast and rarely you need more than one weapon to cause mass destruction in the game, its turret agility does not impress, so it’s a bit more difficult to aim. Overall, I consider it a decent choice, but not the best.

Battle Bay Enforcer Ship

The Enforcer is one of the more massive, impressive ships in Rovio’s Battle Bay. It has decent health, solid speed and it also has impressive stats when it comes to the ship and turret agility. It’s actually the best when it comes to aiming and steering (with just the Speeder beating it when it comes to steering).

In terms of slots, you start with just one weapon slot, one control item slot and one passive booster. Having a bit of variety helps in my opinion and I believe you can still have great results even without equipping two weapons.

Battle Bay Defender Ship

A truly impressive ship with a ton of health and very difficult to destroy. As a downside, it’s extremely slow when it comes to overall speed or the ease of aiming or steering. I would consider this monster one to be used by the more experienced players who really know what they’re doing.

The defender is actually great on offense: it has two weapon slots (starting with two points for each weapon, meaning that you can equip more advanced weapons without upgrading), and one passive item slot. This can be a beast in the right hands.

Battle Bay Fixer Ship

The fixer is a really interesting type of ship that’s suitable for those who are willing to play to help the team. This is the only ship that can equip items that heal itself or help heal teammates. And this can prove to be a huge advantage in tight battles.

It’s also agile and fast – the second best when it comes to speed and agility. It can only equip one weapon and one passive booster, plus the healing item and it can really turn the tides in battle if played by an experienced player.

Which is the best ship in Battle Bay?

This is, of course, a matter of personal opinion and style of play. I personally am enjoying a great spell of success and prefer the Enforcer because it’s the easiest Ship in the game: you can aim easily, you can control it easier and I am almost always the one that deals the most damage in battle. Great, fun, easy to play.

However, lately as I’ve experimented playing this ship a bit more, I am starting to become a big fan of the Fixer as well. This is almost as easy to maneuver as the Enforcer, but it can really help teammates in battle with the right item equipped (I prefer the Repair Pulse). I believe that in the higher stages of the game, this ship really makes a difference.

So this would be our guide to Ships in Battle Bay and my take on the best one to choose as your Doom-bringer. What do you think though? Which is the best ship in the game? Comment below and let us know!


  1. I started as fixer because I always play healer/medic in all games. But I recently decided to play an aggressive enforcer and I am enjoying the frontline assault play and being disruptive to the enemy team. I realized I can’t always rely on my team to be made up of good players. So the more versatile I am, being aggressive, high damage, quick ship, tesla bolt allows me to ignore one unfriend and focus on another, it gets the matches done quick.


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