Artery Gear Fusion Leveling Guide and Tips


Artery Gear Fusion is an incredibly addictive RPG for mobile devices. Players must use the Gacha system to obtain different characters and fight puppets. There are a lot of different enemies in the game, and with each stage, their strength grows. Therefore, to advance in the game, you must level up your characters. And in this guide, we will tell you everything you need to know about leveling in Artery Gear Fusion.

Artery Gear Fusion Leveling Guide

As you play Artery Gear Fusion, you will constantly encounter strong enemies. And to win, your characters must be strong enough. But even if you are lucky enough to get the best characters, they will be weak against high-level enemies. So, try to always level up your main units.

The first and most important thing is getting experience points. You must complete various missions, and participate in all possible battles to earn experience points. These points can be used to increase the stats of your best characters.

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After clearing the story stages, players will receive a Technical Code. This resource is used to level up different skills of your characters. On higher difficulty levels, the Technical Code drops randomly.

All characters have a different maximum level, depending on their number of stars. Thus 3-star characters can only reach level 30, and 5-star characters up to level 50. Once you reach the upper limit, you must do your best to increase the level limit.

Also, you can use research material to increase the level of Technology. This way you can get research material of the same level and attribute as your main characters. And after that, you can start skill enhancements.

That’s all you need to know about leveling in Artery Gear Fusion. Although it takes a lot of time, by leveling up your best characters and their skills, you will be able to destroy opponents faster and more efficiently. We hope you enjoyed this guide.

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Artery Gear Fusion Leveling Guide and Tips


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