How to Farm Gold in Artery Gear Fusion


Undoubtedly Gold is one of the essential resources in Artery Gear Fusion. Using the gold, you can get powerful weapons. However, the problem is that the gold is extremely limited during the start and the mid-game. So, read this guide to find out how to farm gold in Artery Gear Fusion. Let’s start!

How to Earn a Lot of Gold in Artery Gear Fusion

The point is that to have a lot of gold you need not only earn a lot but save a considerable amount of gold. So, these tips will include ways to get gold and some valuable tips to save and spend the gold maximally effectively.

  • Update and invest your money in Fleets if you want a passive income

However, remember that it is beneficial only if you will be playing the game for a long time. If you wish to play for 1 month and leave, Fleets are maximally unbeneficial.

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  • Farm Hunts

Honestly, most of the total gold will be earned by farming hunts. And the best hunt to farm is the Target Elimination – Promised Land. Farming any stage of the Promised Land is the most beneficial way to get gold in Artery Gear Fusion.

  • Sell the gear

It might seem that selling useless equipment is an obvious way to farm the gold, but it does not make it less effective. Of course, it will be hard to do when you are a beginner, as the gear will be useful for you. However, when you become an advanced player, there will be a lot of weapons that you can sell.

Also, it is recommended not to buy the gold using real money, as this resource is too overpriced in the in-game shop. And of course, spend the gold only on vital things. That is how it is. Thank you for reading the guide. Hope it was helpful for you!

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How to Farm Gold in Artery Gear Fusion


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