Artery Gear Fusion: Reroll Guide and Tier List


Artery Gear Fusion is an exciting RPG for mobile devices. Players must use the Gacha system to get different characters. All characters are unique and have unique skills. But as in other similar games, the characters are not equal in strength. So, in this guide, we will tell you about the best characters in Artery Gear Fusion, and how to reroll them.

Artery Gear Fusion Tier List

While playing Artery Gear Fusion, players will receive different characters through Gacha. Unfortunately, some of them are incredibly powerful, and some are better not to use at all. So, we have created a Tier List in which you can find out the ranking of all characters.

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Artery Gear Fusion Character Tier List

S+Shura, Roco, Ruri, Quinn, Milvus, Grace, Chihaya, Alice, Sirius
SSenha, Hearin, Ginga, Ghost, Verbana, Suriel, Della, Cathy, Benny
ACorax, O4, Morris, Maika, Lydia, Tolerate, Teufel, Dean, Suril, Shinobu, Michelle, Sake, Diancht
BNeisa, Feidy, Beidou, Cindy, Chitose, Feidy, Chiba, Cerulean, Touka, Tony, Nemophila Sylvia
CValeria, Hokutou, Nio, Erica

The S+ and S Tiers are the strongest characters in the game. If your team has at least one or two of them, you can quickly destroy all your enemies. Further down in the A and B Tiers are characters that aren’t bad, and can even be strong with the right team comps. Finally, C Tier contains the weakest characters in Artery Gear Fusion.

How to Reroll in Artery Gear Fusion

If you could not get the desired character at the beginning of the game, you should not worry. There is a way to reroll an infinite number of times. First, you need to create a guest account in Artery Gear Fusion. Then you have to complete the tutorial and roll the banner with the desired character. If you can’t get the character, you must delete the game and all its data. Then install the game again and repeat the steps until you succeed. After that, link your guest account.

That’s all you need to know about the reroll in Artery Gear Fusion. Use our Tier List to find out which characters to roll. And we hope you enjoyed this guide.

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Artery Gear Fusion: Reroll Guide and Tier List


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