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There is a huge amount of different mobile strategy games and one of the most exciting ones is known as King God Castle. There are lots of different heroes that you can play and the game has PvE and PvP modes. So, you may want to know about the best characters in this game and their performance. This guide will provide you with the tier list of the best characters in King God Castle.

Characters Tier List in King God Castle

King God Castle has a huge roster of different characters that you can use. So, we are going to help you to find out the strongest ones. A tier list is one of the best ways to rank the characters in this game.

In this article, we are going to provide you with a couple of tier lists. The first one is for the PvE mode and the second one is for the PvP mode. Each of these lists will have 5 tiers that will rank the King God Castle characters.

PvP Tier List for King God Castle Characters

The PvP mode is the one where you have to fight with other players. So, the characters here are ranked by their usefulness in this type of battle.

SBehemus, Asaip, Bobmbie, Hansi, Luniare, Lyca, Leonhardt, Zupitere, Mel, Zu Yun, Zuo Bai, Agathe
AAramis, Draco, Daniel, Shelda, Bardey, Chung Ah
BMara, Priya, Taesan, Mirsyl, Tia, Yeon
CAlberon, Cain, Jol
DRen, Rahawk, Evan, Lily, Hela, Rosette

PvE Tier List for King God Castle Characters

This tier list ranks characters by their strength in the PvE mode. So, if you want to play it you can choose the strongest heroes with help of this list.

SEvan, Bombie, Luniare, Shelda, Hela, Aramis
AChung Ah, Hansi, Bardey, Lonhardt, Lily, Mel, Yeon, Zuo Bai, Ren
BAlberon, Behemus, Draco, Lyca, Cain, Mara, Priya
CMirsyl, Rosette, Taesan, Zuo Yun, Tia
DAgathe, Danieal, Asaip, Jol, Rahawk

King God Castle has a huge amount of different heroes and we will be glad if our guide helps you to choose the strongest ones. Good luck in the battles of this exciting game!

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King God Castle Tier List


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