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Arknights: Team Building Guide

Arknights: Team Building Guide

If you are curious to learn how to build a powerful team and be able to pass more stages, then you came to the right place – because today we will give you the Arknights team building guide so that you can put together a strong team!

There are quite a lot of things which will factor into you having a good team – from the type of heroes that you add, to the positioning and of course, when you deploy them! So if you want to learn everything there is to know, then let’s not waste another second and get right into the Arknights team building guide!

Let’s start with a few basic things:

What is DP and how you use them?

DP literally stands for Deploy Points. That shows you how many points you need to deploy an Operator, and those will refill over time, or can be refilled by some operators’ skills (such as Siege).

Each of the operators has a DP requirement, and when you are creating a team you should take into consideration their DP req because if all of them have super high DP req, then it’s going to be difficult to deploy them right away, and you will have to pair them up with some lower DP cost operators.

DP refills over time, but at start it is difficult to deploy more than 1-2 units, so try to use the operators which you know can hold the enemies until you gain more DP.

What is the Block Count?

The Block Count is basically how many enemies an operator can stop at once. While some have a higher block count, others might only have 1 or so – so it’s good to deploy the heroes while taking this into consideration, because it can make or break a team.

If there are enemies that exceed the block count, then those enemies will simply pass through the operator and ignore them.

What is the basic setup for any team

There are several roles that any team should have, so if you want to know what those are, then let me explain it simply so that you can know what operators you should keep on hand at all times:

– 1 Vanguard: this is a fairly cheap unit which can hold on enemies for some time and tank until the DPS units take them down. Try having 1 Vanguard because it will help you at the very beginning.

– 1 Sniper: 1 Sniper is enough to deal with the air units, and it can also inflict plenty of DPS. I suggest that you use one in the team and have it prioritize air units.

– 1 Caster: These are good DPS units which use magic attacks – you will need one when dealing with enemies which have pretty high Armor.

– 1 Medic: A Medic will help keep the front liners alive, by using all of the heals in their kit. That is a good unit to place behind the front line, because it will help keep enemies at bay for longer.

– 1 Guard: Depending on the Guard, they are good at defending at some of them are really great at dealing damage too.

Eventually you will be able to have 2 of each class, because that will give you a wider variety of operators to choose from and in case one of them dies and has to revive, you can always use the second one to replace it.

Use units with the right DP

From the very beginning you might be able to get some very high DP units, which might draw you in, but in reality it’s a pain to work around them. The higher an operator’s rarity (more stars) the more it will cost to deploy – so I really suggest that you think carefully before you send out all of the rarest operators!

A good comp should be something like 1-2 good rare operators, 3 or so 4 star or lower, and the rest – up to you. Overall just try to not have too many high cost units because they will really mess with your early game.

If you want to learn some more basic game tips and tricks, then make sure that you check out our Arknights game guide where we are going over some of the basic stuff that you need to know, as well as some tips that should come in handy!

Level all the operators you use

One more important thing that I really suggest you do is that you start leveling all the operators on your team. They are starting off as level 1, but once you start upgrading them you will see that they will start getting stronger.

While you might have collected all the operators yet available, you should mainly focus on upgrading the ones that you use the most first. Try upgrading them all equally because that way they will not fall behind.

The best level to try and upgrade an operator to is level 30 E1. Then you can see if that operator rises up to your expectations and if it doesn’t, then you can change it with another.

If you want a list of all the best heroes in the game, then you should make sure that you check out our Arknights tier list because there we have listed all of the heroes which you can get in the game, according to how good they are.

And this would be it for our Arknights team building guide! Is there something else that you would like us to cover for you? Or maybe you Feel free to share your ideas down in the comments section below!

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Arknights: Team Building Guide


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