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Arknights: Tier List & Best Operators

Arknights: Tier List & Best Operators

In today’s article we are going to cover the Arknights tier list of all the best Operators so that you will know who are some of the best heroes to add to your team!

Because there are quite a lot of characters in the game, you will probably want to know who you want to roll for. Well then you came to the right place – because today we will tell you everything that you need to know about them!

So if you are still new to the game, then first you should take a look at all of our Arknights tips and tricks and then you can come back here to learn about some of the best Operators in the game!

Arknights – Best Operators in the game

I want to mention here some more details about some of the best operators in the game, and tell you some of their skills so that you can make an idea on why I’ve selected the ones that I have. I will not go in any particular order, and I will just list them all below for you to see along with their kit:


– Caster

She is one of the strongest, if not THE strongest single target caster there is, and along with that she has some pretty powerful AoE attacks as well. Her first skill (Duetto) will boost the Attack Speed, and after the first cast it will also boost the Attack.

With her second skill (Ignition) she will cast an AoE skill which deals pretty good damage, and will reduce the resistance of the enemies – that is super useful when you have an even better dedicated AoE attacker to deploy together.

With her last skill (Volcano) she gets a buff which will boost the damage that she does by quite a lot, as well as range, attack speed and number of targets that she can hit. That is a great skill to melt the bosses or any enemy which is a little tougher than normal mobs.


– Defender

Hoshiguma is a great Defender because all of her skills are basically boosting her DEF and make her a lot tankier than she already is. Her first skill (Warpath) will boost her DEF by 35% and ATK by 10%, which is useful in any situation – even if not for the ATK alone.

Her second skill (Thorns) places some sort of a “shield” which gives her 5% DEF and makes all enemies who attack her take damage. It’s basically a reflect skill which returns 50% of their attacks as physical damage.

Her third skill (Saw of Strength) is a very powerful AoE attack which will give her increased ATK and DEF, and shred all of the enemies in front.


– Defender

Another Operator with very good kit, Saria can fill in both the role of the tank and of the healer. She has some pretty powerful spells which can be detrimental in some situations, when you would rather swap a more dedicated healer with a DPS and have her instead on the battlefield.

Saria’s first skill (First Aid) will heal an ally with the lowest HP by 110% of her attack, which can be quite powerful. She will trigger this automatically every now and then, so it is a good source of constant heal.

Her second skill (Medicine Dispensing) will also heal allies, but will affect all of them – not just one. It’s a good sustain skill which has a relatively short cooldown, so it is a very good choice in many situations.

Her third skill (Calcification) is an AoE slow which makes enemies take more Arts damage. That is a super good and useful skill when going against bigger hordes of enemies and you want to be able to destroy them fairly quick.


– Guard

SilverAsh is one of the best heroes in game, for several reasons, not just one – he is a good defensive unit, which can also be super powerful in terms of attack and dealing good amounts of damage.

His first skill (Power Strike Y) is a buff which empowers his next attack, to deal even more damage. This helps make him a good burst damage operator, because his entire kit can be basically boosted.

His second skill (Rules of Survival) will boost his defensive stats, granting him extra DEF and HP recovery, but reducing his attack range. It’s an OK skill, but I would not boost this one unless SilverAsh is the operator that you are using in your defense.

His third skill (Truesilver Slash) will greatly boost his ATK and ATK range at the cost of lowering his defenses. This also allows him to hit multiple enemies and if you empower this, the true burst damage will shine through from SilverAsh.


– Sniper

The role of the Sniper is one that will take down units from far away and keep the attacks from air units way from the base. Her first skill (Charging Mode) will deal 3 empowered hits to an enemy, which makes her a great DPS especially for boss fights.

Her second skill (Shooting Mode) is a short ranged attack which deals a lot more damage than her ranged ones, but obviously will cost her range. Her third skill (Overloading Mode) is a skill which also bursts her attacks, but reduce her range.

Overall, I would say that she is a great unit for burst AoE damage due to her kit, but in single target situations there are other heroes who shine through better. Exusiai is a good unit when you go against many waves of enemies, or enemies who have fairly low defense.


– Vanguard

Siege is one of my favorite operators because her kit will give you some useful tools that can help you siege pretty much – just like her name suggests.

Her first skill (Charge Y) will instantly restore 12 DP (deploy points) and her second skill (Aerial Hammer) will deal a lot of AoE damage to close enemies and restore 3 DP. With her third skill (Skull Crusher) she will increase ATK and has a chance to stun the target.

She is a unit which can hold enemies back, who can deal damage and who will greatly restore DP with her kit. Although her attack and overall stats are not some of the absolute best in game, she will perform good and will be a great asset to any team.

Arknights – Tier List

Now that we’ve covered the best operators in Arknights, it is time to check on the complete Arknights tier list so that you will know how powerful all of the characters are and which ones you should focus on upgrading first.

***Note: While the heroes are important, if they are one tier above or below another it doesn’t mean that they are better or worse in all situations – there are certain times when you will be able to use a B tier unit and will do an amazing job, so it all comes down to basic game knowledge.

Even if you have all of the best game units, if you don’t deploy them in the right place and if you are not cautious with their skills, you might still lose – and if a unit is not right for a role, then you should try a different approach!

There is no good or bad operator (well, let’s not talk about the 2 star and 1 star units), it is mainly a situation where team compositions, synergy and knowledge all are very important to winning the battles.

S Tier Operators:

– Casters: Eyjafjalla

– Defenders: Saria, Hoshiguma

– Guards: SilverAsh

– Medics: Nightingale

– Snipers: Exusiai

– Special: Manticore (depends on situation)

– Support: Pramanix

– Vanguard: Siege

A+ Tier Operators:

– Casters: Ifrit

– Defenders: Liskarm

– Guards: Indra, Lappland

– Medics: Silence

– Snipers: Meteorite, Platinum

– Special: Projekt Red (depends on situation)

– Support: Angelina

– Vanguard: Texas

A Tier Operators:

– Casters: Amiya

– Defenders: Nearl, Vulcan

– Guards: Specter, Franca

– Medics: Ptilopsis, Warfarin, Shining

– Snipers: Blue Poison, Firewatch

– Special: Gravel, Cliffheart, Feater, Shaw, Rope (depends on situation)

– Support: Mayer

– Vanguard: Zima, Vigna

B Tier Operators:

– Casters: Skyfire, Gitano

– Defenders: Croissant, Matterhorn, Cuora

– Guards: Melantha, Mousse, Matoimaru, Savage

– Medics: Perfumer, Myrrh, Gavial

– Snipers: Provence, Shirayuki, Meteor, Jessica

– Support: Istina, Sora,

– Vanguard: Scavenger, Courier

C Tier Operators:

– Casters: Lava, Haze

– Defenders: Gummy, Beagle, Cardigan

– Guards: Estelle, Frostleaf

– Medics: Hibiscus, Ansel

– Snipers: Kroos

– Support: Earthspirit, Deepcolor

– Vanguard: Fang, Vanilla, Plume

D Tier Operators:

– Casters: Steward, Durin, 12F

– Defenders: Noir Corne

– Guards: Castle-3, Dobermann

– Medics: Lancet-2

– Snipers: Adnachiel, Rangers

– Support: Orchid

– Vanguard: Yato

These would be all the best characters in Arknights and the complete Arknights tier list that we have for you right now! Which are some of your favorite heroes and why? Let us know by leaving a comment down in the comments section below!

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Arknights: Tier List & Best Operators


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