All Softcaps and Hidden Caps in Diablo Immortal Listed


We did some digging and compiled a list of all softcaps and hidden caps in Diablo Immortal for you. If you’re not sure what exactly these are, keep on reading!

Massive roleplaying and live service videogames often have soft caps that prevent players from over-accumulating some of the best and need equipment, resources, and other similar things. Game developers use soft caps to balance the entire game.

However, Blizzard Entertainment’s latest entry in the Diablo series, Diablo Immortal, takes the implementation of soft caps to the next level by adding hidden caps to quests, equipment, and other things — which for us players is not at all a good. 

So, to make sure you don’t spend your precious time in excess-farming bosses and areas having soft and hidden caps, we have listed all soft caps and hidden caps in Diablo Immortal that you should know about.

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Diablo is a massive action roleplaying looter game. Having soft caps in some areas is somewhat acceptable. But having soft and hidden caps that limit the loot farming process doesn’t make sense. 

As we mentioned earlier, to make sure you don’t waste any of your time farming things in Diablo Immortal that have soft caps and hidden caps, we prepared a handy guide that lists every soft cap and hidden cap in Diablo Immortal found by some of the players in the Diablo Immortal community.

All Softcaps and Hidden Caps in Diablo Immortal

Here are all soft caps and Hidden caps in Diablo Immortal:

Daily Task / Rewards Soft and Hidden Cap Info
Legendary/Set Pieces DropAfter the 5th or 6th of the day, the drop rate becomes absurdly lower.
Normal Gems from 4-Player DungeonsAfter getting 5~6 gems (1 per run), the drop rate lowers to 1 gem per hour.
Sidequests (3! Blue Marks)Up to 5 Yellow Mat for each reward. After the 6th quest, its harder to show new quests. Seems like new quests show after every hour.
Purble World Boss QuestsUp to 5 Yellow Mat for each reward. After the 5th time, it stops dropping
Popup Side Quests (Kill x Monsters)Up to 5 Yellow Mat for each reward. After the 5th time, it stops dropping
World Cursed ChestsUp to 5 Yellow Mat for each reward. After the 5th time, it stops dropping
Rarities and Antiquities MerchantWestmarch: You can buy gold random items in rarity, using your gold. It gets more expensive after the 10th purchase.
Daily BestiaryGather 10 monster essences (it won’t drop past 10) for each bestiary entry. Has a 30% chance of giving a duplicated entry. After 60 pages, you have the chance of getting 3 duplicated entries. You can keep getting a max of 10 ME and trading it for random items, or save it for the next day.
Library of Zoltun Kulle (Tomes)Get 5 pages, use tome, and enter a random dungeon from a small pool. Only 1 of the dungeons is pure materials, the others can drop legendaries and you can also summon the bosses once a day, so you want to do more than 5.
World Hidden LairsUp to 6 normal gems per day. Can be done in 1 or 2 Hidden Lairs, and then stops dropping.
Daily BountiesYou can complete 4 bounty quests at a time, and 8 total quests daily.
Legacy of Horadrim4 daily keys max from the mobs in Horadrim dungeon.
Table Via Reddit u/fticon

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So that’s it. Now that you know the soft caps and hidden caps in Diablo Immortal, it’s time you start planning your farming methods.

Diablo Immortal is a massively multiplayer roleplaying game currently available on the Android, iOS, and PC platforms. 

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All Softcaps and Hidden Caps in Diablo Immortal Listed


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