All Secret Characters in Vampire Survivors Listed


There are lots of interesting indie games that you can find in the modern game industry and one of the most exciting ones is called Vampire Survivors. This game allows you to choose one of a few characters and fight against hordes of monsters. Also, there are secret characters that you may want to unlock. So, this guide will provide you with a list of all the secret characters in Vampire Survivors.

All Secret Characters in Vampire Survivors

Vampire Survivors is one of the most interesting indie games that you can find in the modern game industry and there are lots of interesting features. The game has a huge roster of different characters that you can play and some of them are secret.

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Secret characters in Vampire Survivors are special hidden heroes and you can try to unlock them. Here is the list of all secret characters in Vampire Survivors and tips on how to unlock them:

  • Exdash – Try to type “x-x1viiq” on the main menu.
  • Toastie – If you want to unlock this character you will need to unlock Exdash first. When you defeat a Drowner or Stalker you will be able to see Toastie that will appear in the bottom right corner. You will have to press the Down Arrow + Enter before Toastie disappears.
  • Agent Smith – Requires you to unlock Exdash and Toastie first. Open the main menu and type “spam” there. After that, you will need to type “spam” in the character select screen and choose a character. Then you should do the same thing in the stage select menu and choose a stage. The last thing you will need to do is to choose an Arcana and type “humbug”, and this character will be unlocked.
  • Boon Marrabbio – Choose the Mad Forest stage and collect the Skull and Pummarola items. Then you will need to collect lots of chickens from braziers. After that, you will see pies that will start to spawn. If you collect these pies you will call the shadow that you have to defeat to unlock Marrabio.
  • Minnah Mannarah – Choose the Dairy Plant stage and get Arcana VIII – Mad Groove. After that, you will need to collect the cheese to make the werewolves appear. If you defeat these werewolves you will unlock this character.
  • Leda Hosen – Defeat Leda Hosen in Gallo Tower.
  • Red Death – Defeat Death after your time runs out. Also, you will need to get the Crimson Shroud and Infinite Corridor weapon evolutions.

There are lots of secrets that you can find in Vampire Survivors and we will be glad if this guide helps you to unlock new characters. Good luck in your further battles in Vampire Survivors!

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All Secret Characters in Vampire Survivors Listed


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