All Leon Skins in Brawl Stars Listed With Prices


Brawl Stars is an incredibly popular MOBA game for mobile devices. Players must fight in exciting 3v3 battles. Before the battle, you must choose one of the many Brawlers. Each of them has unique attacks, skills, and Skins. And in this guide, we will tell you about the list of all Leon Skins with prices in Brawl Stars.

All Leon Skins in Brawl Stars Listed With Prices

There are many different Brawlers in Brawl Stars. Some of them are easy to get, and some require you to buy a battle pass. Moreover, you can purchase additional Skins with Gems and Coins.

Leon is a legendary Brawler with very high speed and damage. Using his Spinner Blades, he can deal massive damage to enemies near him and less damage at a distance. And using Smoke Bomb you can even become invisible to enemies for 6 seconds. 

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As for Leon’s gadgets, they are incredibly useful. Clone Projector creates a clone of Leon that will distract enemies. And Lollipop Drop will create a small zone in which Leon and his allies are invisible to enemies.

As a result, this is a very good Brawler, and one of the best Assassins. And playing him you can deal huge damage and quickly run away from enemies. Even though Leon already looks cool, you can get a few more of his Skins. And here is a list of all Leon Skins with prices.

Default – Free

Shark – 79 Gems

Sally – 79 Gems

Dino – 79 Gems

Werewolf – 149 Gems

True Silver – 10000 Coins

True Gold – 25000 Coins

As you can see, all Leon Skins look very cool. Therefore, if you have extra Gems and Coins, you should definitely purchase them. And we hope that Supercell will add even more cool Skins in future updates. And while you are here, take a look at our guide on how to complete the Penny Challenge.

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All Leon Skins in Brawl Stars Listed With Prices


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