Health, aka Hit Points is the measurement of the physical condition of the main character in GTA 3. Players have 100 Health which gradually decreases if players are attacked or met with any kind of accident.

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Thankfully, the world of GTA 3 offers health pickups that players can use to refill their HP to the max for free. The health pickups are scattered all around the game map. They are rotating health icons with the symbol of a heart on them.

With the knowledge of the health pickups location, GTA 3 players can refill their Health before saving their game. Doing so will allow them to directly jump into a mission or any other activity when they load the game, instead of worrying about their Health.

With that said, let us check out the health pickups location in GTA 3.

All Health Locations in GTA 3

All Health Locations in GTA 3 | Image Credit – WikiGTA

In the above map, you will find the location of all health pickups marked with a red sphere icon.

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Go to any of the marked locations and you will find yourself a health pickup. They do spawn all the time, so don’t worry about exhausting them.

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All Health Locations in GTA 3


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