Where to Find The Colombian Gang Car in GTA 3: Cartel Cruiser Locations


The Colombian Cartel Cruiser is one of the various gang vehicles in GTA 3 that you will be required to find and use to infiltrate gang hideouts in certain missions.

Each of the three islands in GTA 3 have their respective gang vehicles and in this article we’ll be showing you how and where to find the Cartel Cruiser in Staunton Island, Liberty City.

Method 1 – Carjacking from Gang Member

Like every other gang vehicles, you can find them by going to the part of the city where the particular gang has the most reputation and dominance. The Cartel Cruiser is used by the Colombian Cartel in Staunton Island and in order to get one, you can either carjack it from one of the gang members or steal one from a Colombian gang hideout.

The easiest location to get the Cartel Cruiser is by heading to the Colombian gang dominated vicinity which is in Fort Staunton, Staunton Island. Once in Staunton Island, head north past Belleville Park and you’ll arrive Fort Staunton. If you can’t immediately find one, you can drive around the street and you’ll eventually find one.

Method 2 – Completing ‘Liberator’ Mission


Another way to get a Colombian Cartel Cruiser is by completing the mission ‘Liberator’ assigned to you by Donald Love. You will be required to infiltrate a Colombian hideout and rescue and old man. The mission will require you to find a Cartel Cruiser and once you complete the mission, you can drive the car to your garage in Staunton Island and park it there.

The Colombian Cartel gang members dress in Blue throwsers with blue and white mixed coloured shirts. The Cartel Cruiser is a plain blue car that isn’t very hard to spot in fort Staunton.

That will be all from us on how to find a cartel cruiser in GTA 3 and we hope the article has been helpful to you.

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Where to Find The Colombian Gang Car in GTA 3: Cartel Cruiser Locations


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