All Genshin Impact Characters

All Genshin Impact CHaracters
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As a gacha based roleplaying game, Characters in Genshin Impact are added every now and then with new content updates. Genshin Impact characters are unique and have a very high standard, whether we talk about the beautifully crafted character model designs, their outfits, their abilities, weapon of choice, affiliation, story, or the phenomenal voice actors. Each of these aspects makes Genshin Impact players crave new characters.

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But, as we know, there can only be four characters in a team in Genshin Impact. Therefore, knowing the names and abilities of all characters becomes a must task. However, due to the availability of more than twenty-five playable characters in Genshin Impact, where the list is evergrowing, it is a daunting task for players to remember every character name.

In the wake of that, today we have come up with a list of all characters in Genshin Impact.

List of all Genshin Impact Characters

Here is a list of all currently available Genshin Impact characters. We will update the list when any new character comes out.

1Albedo Geo SwordMaleMondstadt
2Amber Pyro BowFemaleMondstadt
3Barbara Hydro CatalystFemaleMondstadt
4Beidou Electro ClaymoreFemaleLiyue
5Bennett Pyro SwordMaleMondstadt
6Chongyun Cryo ClaymoreMaleLiyue
7Diluc Pyro ClaymoreMaleMondstadt
8Diona CryoBowFemaleMondstadt
9Fischl ElectroBowFemaleMondstadt
10Ganyu CryoBowFemaleLiyue
11Jean Anemo SwordFemaleMondstadt
12Kaeya Cryo SwordMaleMondstadt, Khaenri’ah
13Keqing Electro SwordFemaleLiyue
14Klee Pyro CatalystFemaleMondstadt
15Lisa Electro CatalystFemaleMondstadt
16Mona Hydro CatalystFemaleMondstadt
17Ningguang Geo CatalystFemaleLiyue
18Noelle Geo ClaymoreFemaleMondstadt
19Qiqi Cryo SwordFemaleLiyue
20Razor Electro ClaymoreMaleMondstadt
21Sucrose Anemo CatalystFemaleMondstadt
22Tartaglia HydroBowMaleSnezhnaya
23Aether or LumineAdaptive SwordMale & FemaleUnknown
24Venti AnemoBowMaleMondstadt
25Xiangling Pyro PolearmFemaleLiyue
26Xiao Anemo PolearmMaleLiyue
27Xingqiu Hydro SwordMaleLiyue
28Xinyan Pyro ClaymoreFemaleLiyue
29Zhongli Geo PolearmMaleLiyue

At the time of creating this list, we have twenty-nine playable characters in Genshin Impact, with more than three characters including Rosaria, Hu Tao, Kamisato Ayaka that are in line to release next.

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As mentioned earlier, we will be updating the aforementioned list when we get any new playable character. And with that being said, this winds up our today’s All Genshin Impact Characters list.

Genshin Impact is a free to play gacha-based role-playing game currently available on PC, PS4, Android, and iOS.

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All Genshin Impact Characters


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