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All Cookies With Taunt Ability in Cookie Run Kingdom

All Cookies With Taunt Ability in Cookie Run Kingdom

Cookie Run Kingdom has a rich storyline where you will meet over 150 cool and fun cookies of different rarities. As you progress through the game, you will unlock new cookies through its gacha system. To be successful in Cookie Run Kingdom, you will need to form a party with cookies excelling at roles like DPS, Tank, Healing, Defense, etc.

Some of the Defense-based Cookies have the ability to Taunt enemies and make them grow aggro. In this guide, we have explored all cookies featuring the Taunt Ability in Cookie Run Kingdom.

Cookie Run Kingdom Taunt Ability Guide: Which Cookies Can Taunt?

In the Cookie Run Kingdom, there is a wide variety of status effects such as Shield, Crit boosts, Injury, and more. These status effects are divided into three categories: Passives, Buffs, and Debuffs. The Taunt ability falls under the Buffs category. The description of this status effect says:

“Forces targets in range to aim their regular attacks and skill attacks toward the caster.”

As of now, Cookie Run Kingdom has only two cookies with the Taunt ability: Milk Cookie and Knight Cookie. Let’s go through the skills of both of these defense units.

Milk Cookie

Image via Devsisters

Milk Cookie is an Epic defense cookie standing in the first line. His skill, Noble Sacrifice, halves the incoming damage, deals AOE damage, and taunts the enemy for the next 5-6 seconds. With a cooldown of 12 seconds, Noble Sacrifice has a pretty low downtime. He also has another powerful skill called Noble Resolution, which removes debuffs and provides healing, making him an excellent support cookie.

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Knight Cookie

Image via Devsisters

Just like Milk Cookie, Knight Cookie is also a defense cookie that stays in the front lines. He is a Rare cookie and isn’t as good as Milk Cookie. His skill, Cavalry Charge, taunts the enemy for only 3 seconds but has a long cooldown of 13 seconds.

Devsisters, the developers behind Cookie Run Kingdom, will add more cards with the Taunt ability. It is a perfect buff for Defense cookies. While you are here, check out our other helpful Cookie Run Kingdom guides.

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All Cookies With Taunt Ability in Cookie Run Kingdom