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All Endings in Summer Soda Rock Festa | Cookie Run: Kingdom Guide

All Endings in Summer Soda Rock Festa | Cookie Run: Kingdom Guide
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It is time to rock in Cookie Run: Kingdom’s Summer Soda Rock Festa, a special episode full of areas and levels to beat, and stages to clear! There are Daily Gifts to claim, including Coins, Kingdom EXP and EXP for your Cookies, as well as Glittering Pins and Festa Coins.

The Festa Special Episode comes in two parts, with the second Dark Mode levels being much harder to complete, but with amazing rewards. There are four Cookies taking center stage in this event, and each has their own ending. Let’s explore each of the endings in Cookie Run: Kingdom‘s Summer Soda Rock Festa!

How to get every Cookie ending in Summer Soda Rock Festa

As you progress, you discover more about each of the Cookies in the festival lineup: Shining Glitter Cookie, Black Lemonade Cookie, Rockstar Cookie, and Parfait Cookie. Players explore each story and make choices as they go, these affect outcomes, and you can get any one of four endings specific to each of the Cookies mentioned. You can go back and complete each one again to get different outcomes once you have finished.

Warning: spoilers for the Summer Soda Rock Festa story below!

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Black Lemonade’s ending

At the festival, choose the option to go and get some food instead of watching Shacka Rocka’s show. That leads you to (literally) bump into the Bassist Cookie from SparkL, and Black Lemonade Cookie! They invite you to go see them on another stage later. You notice that a Durian Fruit Staff Member bumps into the Bassist Cookie, making them drop something.

From then, there are some shenanigans and drama, all caused by the pesky Durian Fruits trying to create drama between Shining Glitter Cookie and Black Lemonade Cookie. Luckily, you are there to help and smooth things out in the end. Choose to help Bassist Cookie get his lucky pick back, and you get to hear Black Lemonade Cookie’s song.

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Parfait Cookie’s ending

At the festival, you should decide to stay and watch Shacka Rocka’s show, because Parfait Cookie is next up! Shacka Rocka continues with an edgy show, insulting his fans, and he ends up being booed off the stage. On comes Parfait Cookie, and as a reward for sticking through the terrible Shacka Rocka, you get to hear Parfait’s song.

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Shining Glitter Cookie’s ending

Backstage with Black Lemonade Cookie and Shining Glitter Cookie, you should choose to stay with Shining Glitter Cookie instead of looking for the Bassist Cookie’s lost pick. You help her feel better about the upcoming show, and she goes off to her first performance on the Summer Soda Rock stage.

Unfortunately, all the lights go out just as she is about to start, and Stink-Eye Tortuca’s evil voice rings out, announcing Shacka Rocka again! Shacka Rocka and his Durian minions take control of the stage and remove Shining Glitter Cookie. You must choose to go and help Shining Glitter Cookie! Your reward is that you get to hear her amazing song.

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Rockstar Cookie’s ending

When Shacka Rocka takes over the stage with his Durian Fruits and ruins Shining Glitter’s debut, you should choose to get on the stage and take it back yourself. The whole crowd rushes the stage with you, and you take back the festival! Rockstar Cookie sees what you are doing and comes to help, too.

There ends up being a Rock Duel between Shacka Rocka and Rockstar Cookie. Just as Rockstar Cookie starts losing his energy, you choose to get everyone to sing along, and you begin to crowdsurf. Rockstar Cookie wins the duel, and you get to hear Rockstar Cookie’s full song as a reward.

Those are all of the endings for the Summer Soda Rock Festa. Remember to repeat this Cookie Run: Kingdom special event to unlock each one!

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All Endings in Summer Soda Rock Festa | Cookie Run: Kingdom Guide