All Bitlife Boating Test Answers

All Bitlife Boating Test Answers

In Bitlife, players can take up any job they want and become anything they want to in life. Players can even get a boating license and cruise the seas during their leisure time in BitLife. However, in order to obtain a boating license, you will need to pass a test that involves answering a few questions. You can enroll in the boating test by paying the fee of $210, which is quite affordable.
The test will have more than 10 questions, and players are required to answer each one of them correctly in order to get a boating license. If you fail, you’ll have to wait another year, pay the license fee again, and then try again. Those looking to take up the test or interested in getting a boating license in BitLife can read on this guide to find out all Bitlife boating test answers.

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All Bitlife Boating Test Answers

If your in-game character is 18 years or above, you can easily apply for a boating license at any given time. Make sure to have a sufficient amount of money for the fees and everything else will be taken care of. To get the boating license in BitLife, visit the activities tab, and scroll down until you notice licenses.

There, you will find Boating as one of the options. You do not need to have any training time before taking the test. With that said, here are all Bitlife Boating test questions and their answers.

From what side of the vessel should you NEVER anchor?Stern-side
What does this marker signify?Engine Power
What does this marker signify?Speed limit
What is the name for this side of the boat? (The back of the boat)Stern
What does this marker signify?Controlled area
What is the required type of fire extinguisher for a standard naval vessel?Type B1
What is the name for this side of the boat? (the front of the boat)Bow
What does this flag mean?Diver
What is the minimum required number of flares you should have on your vessel?Three
What kind of buoy is this? (Silver, with an orange top)Mooring Buoy
What is the name for this side of the boat? (The left side)Port
What is the name for this side of the boat? (The right side)Starboard
What kind of buoy is this? (Large, yellow one, with a black anchor at the top)Anchorage Buoy
Which vessel should give way when they are both approaching each other from an angle?Left Vessel
What does this marker signify?Exclusion area
What is the minimum distance to keep between boats?30 meters
What side of the vessel should pass the red marker, with a white 8 on it?Starboard-side
What does this marker signify?Dangerous area
What does this flag mean?Distress

These are all the questions as well as their answers for the Boating license test. Good luck!

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All Bitlife Boating Test Answers


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