How to Marry into Royalty in Bitlife


There are a lot of things to do and careers that you can explore in Bitlife and one of the most exciting is becoming royalty. That’s right, you can be king in the game and rule your kingdom.

So if you’re trying to become part of or head of a royal family without God Mode, then there are limited options of doing so. In this article we’ll be guiding you on how to become royalty in Bitlife.

How to become Royalty in Bitlife through marriage


Getting married into royalty is easier said than done in Bitlife. First off, you must age up your character until they are old enough to start dating. To do this, navigate through the game’s Activities tab and select Love.

Now you can go on a date, but note that there’s very little to no chance of meeting someone who is royalty. However, if you are rich and famous with high enough stats across the board, you have better chances of finding and meeting someone from the royal family.

You can decide to use this opportunity to not only become king or queen, but you can also complete certain challenges in the game that requires you to marry rich characters or other royalty related goals. You can also get a Markle achievement award if you marry into the British royal family.

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How to Marry into Royalty in Bitlife


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