Being a gacha-based roleplaying game, Alchemy Stars offers a wide selection of characters for players to choose from. The unique character design, attributes, skills, etc fit perfectly with the anime-style breathtaking art, making each character more appealing. You will be in a perpetual state on which character to get and which not. So with this tier list, we rank Alchemy Stars characters based on CBT information and our experience with the game so far.

Alchemy Stars Tier List (July 2021)

Alchemy Stars offers four different attributes, namely Fire, Water, Forest, and Thunder. Each Aurorian possesses any of these four attributes, and that alone contributes a major portion to their playstyle.

Note: We will add new characters in this Tier List as we update the article.

S Tier Characters

  • Uriel (Fire)
  • Charon (Fire)
  • Victoria (Fire)
  • Bethlehem (Water)
  • Carleen (Water)
  • Raphael (Water)
  • Sharona (Water)
  • Irridon (Thunder)
  • Gronru (Thunder)
  • Michael (Thunder)
  • Gabriel (Forest)
  • Hiiro (Forest)
  • Migard (Forest)

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A Tier Characters

  • Faust (Fire)
  • Maggie (Fire)
  • Istvan (Fire)
  • Phily-shy (Water)
  • Hydrad (Water)
  • Barton (Water)
  • Kleken (Water)
  • Sorla (Thunder)
  • Nemesis (Thunder)
  • Beverly (Thunder)
  • Louise (Forest)
  • Sikare (Forest)
  • Cuscuta (Forest)
  • Pact (Forest)

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B Tier Characters

  • Barbara (Fire)
  • Eicy (Fire)
  • Brock (Fire)
  • Chandra (Fire)
  • Leona (Fire)
  • Nails (Fire)
  • Patty & Pasty (Fire)
  • Regina (Fire)
  • Constantine (Water)
  • Kuma & Pengy (Water)
  • Michenny (Water)
  • Ms. Blanc (Water)
  • Vice (Water)
  • Noah (Water)
  • Ansia (Thunder)
  • Kafka (Thunder)
  • Keating (Thunder)
  • Liliam (Thunder)
  • Nadine (Thunder)
  • Rabbie (Thunder)
  • Tessa (Thunder)
  • Jola (Forest)
  • Lester (Forest)
  • Sylva (Forest)
  • Uriah (Forest)
  • Wendy (Forest)
  • Nikinis (Forest)
  • Odi (Forest)

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C Tier Characters

  • Chainsaw (Fire)
  • Rick (Fire)
  • Joanie (Fire)
  • Tiny One (Fire)
  • Areia (Forest)
  • Ophima (Forest)
  • Jomu (Forest)
  • Beverley (Thunder)
  • Echo (Thunder)
  • Unimet (Thunder)
  • Chloe (Water)
  • Corax (Water)
  • Jane (Water)
  • Korgon (Water)
  • Seleucid (Water)

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D Tier Characters

  • Pepi (Fire)
  • Sork & Beck (Fire)
  • Clover (Forest)
  • Dove (Forest)
  • Leah (Forest)
  • Amy (Thunder)
  • Angel (Thunder)
  • White Dwarf (Water)
  • Zoya (Water)

What are your S or A-tier characters? Tell us in the comments below.

Alchemy Stars is a roleplaying game currently available on Android and iOS platforms.

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