Forest is one of the four attributes in Alchemy Stars. During the Alchemy Stars CBT, many players shared that Forest falls a little bit behind the other colors, attributes. However, there are still some great characters who excel in battle if used with correct team composition.

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In this article, we will talk about the different available attributes in Alchemy Stars. And list some of the best forest attribute Aurorians that you should be looking forward to while rerolling or performing a normal gacha pull on the Beginner or Standard banners.

Alchemy Stars Attributes

In Alchemy Stars, the Aurorians posses any of the four below-mentioned attributes.

  • Fire
  • Forest
  • Water
  • Thunder

Each attribute is possessed by more than ten to fifteen plus characters. Making the overall playable characters list quite overwhelming.

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Keeping all that in mind, players who didn’t take part in Alchemy Stars CBT might find it hard to find some of the best forest attribute characters. But, you don’t have to worry, we have got you covered.

The Best Forest Attribute Aurorians in Alchemy Stars

With the help of the information from CBT users. Here are the seven best forest attribute Aurorians in Alchemy Stars that you must look forward to while playing the game.


  • Rarity – 6 Star
  • Attack – 2326
  • HP – 7117
  • Defense – 906  
  • Active Skill –  Tile Converter: Converts 1 selected grid out of Blue, Red, and Yellow to another attribute (retains the grid’s enhanced stats). Slightly increases the chance of generating Green grids. 1 enhanced grid will be generated per 8 grids converted. (CD: 3 Rounds)
  • Passive Skill – During this round, at least 1 enhanced grid will be generated per 5 Green grids passed through in this round, and Green grids will be enhanced first.


  • Rarity – 6 Star
  • Attack – 2518
  • HP – 6635
  • Defense – 911  
  • Active Skill –  Tile Converter + Self-buff: Converts any 2 chosen tiles to enhanced Green tiles and deals 210% damage to enemies in a cross shape to the maximum range. (CD: 3 Rounds)
  • Passive Skill – Hiiro enters Duel stance at the start of the round or whenever passing through an enhanced grid. One with the Duel: The next Normal Attack deals 130% damage to 5 grids in a cross shape. ATK is increased by 5% in this round peruse of One with the Duel.


  • Rarity – 6 Star
  • Attack – 2318
  • HP – 6311
  • Defense – 734  
  • Active Skill –   Teleport + Damage: Teleports to any location and deals 300% damage to enemies within 1 surrounding circle. The damage is doubled when there is only 1 enemy in the area of attack. Increases Active Skill damage by 20% and removes the Active Skill cooldown if the target is killed (once per round). (CD: 2 Rounds)
  • Passive Skill – When an Active Skill deals damage to an enemy, the final damage by 10% for every 6% HP lost by the enemy.


  • Rarity – 5 Star
  • Attack – 2304
  • HP – 6836
  • Defense – 865  
  • Active Skill –  2x Chain Combo + Heal: When used, a Forest Aurorian’s Chain Combo will be triggered 2 times in this round. For the second Chain Combo, the ATK of all Forest Aurorians is equal to 85% of Louise’s ATK. (CD: 4 Rounds)
  • Passive Skill – When triggering Aurora Time, immediately recovers the team’s HP by 120% of Louise’s HP and increases her DEF by 100%.


  • Rarity – 5 Star
  • Attack – 2318
  • HP – 6311
  • Defense – 734  
  • Active Skill –   Tile Converter: Deals 480.0% damage to enemies in a cross shape to the maximum range and knocks enemies back. Converts tiles in the area of attack to Green. (CD: 5 Rounds)
  • Passive Skill – When Sikare attacks enemies for the first time, she reaps the soul of the target, dealing true damage equal to 80% ATK plus 5% of current HP to that enemy.


  • Rarity – 5 Star
  • Attack – 2318
  • HP – 6311
  • Defense – 734  
  • Active Skill –  Control + Damage: Selects 1 enemy in a full-screen range and deals 400% damage to it. If the enemy occupies a single tile and can be knocked back, move it to the selected position within the range of attack. If a target that has a mark is killed, deals damage equal to 30% of Cuscuta’s ATK to enemies within 1 surrounding circle. (CD: 2 Rounds)
  • Passive Skill – After casting a Chain Combo or an Active Skill, if the target’s HP is lower than 30%, unleashes 1 more attack dealing 70% ATK damage.


  • Rarity – 5 Star
  • Attack – 2280
  • HP – 5953
  • Defense – 750  
  • Active Skill –  Tile Converter: Converts 5 of the nearest Red tiles to Green and has a chance to generate enhanced tiles. If the active skill is ready in the last round, increase the tile-converting count by +1 this round. Preemptive: (CD: 2 Rounds)
  • Passive Skill – When a marked enemy dies, gain HP equal to 3% of the enemy’s Max HP and recovery effects. Up to 1 grid where the enemy is located is changed to an enhanced grid.

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That’s all. Some characters have gone through changes when compared to CBT and the final launch. We will be updating this list over time when we have spent more time on the final version of the game. Till then, share your best forest attribute units in the comments below.

Alchemy Stars is a roleplaying game currently available on Android and iOS platforms.

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Alchemy Stars: The Best Forest Attribute Aurorians


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