Soul Knight is one of the top-rated action-adventure games on the phone. With its dungeon theme and adorable characters, Soul Knight has its own fan base.

Weapons in Soul Knight have to be forged or merged, just like in Minecraft, Terraria, and other sandbox games. There are guns, swords, bows, and many more weapons that you can equip.

Depending on the rarity and damage, here are some of the top weapons that you can try to forge or merge.

Soul Knight: Top 5 Weapons

Let’s have a look at some of the weapons you should be forging in Soul Knight.

1Thunder Sword

Thunder Sword (Image via Soul Knight Wiki)

The Thunder Sword is one of the legendary weapons in the game. The melee weapon can be crafted by merging the Frost Sword with the Flame Sword.

Thunder Sword swings three times with each attack. But that’s not all. Each swing sends zaps of lightning and the third swing sends 10 zaps. As soon as the zap touches the target, a lightning strike zaps the enemy more and sets off a chain reaction.

2Laser Shotgun

Laser Shotgun (Image via Soul Knight Wiki)

What happens when you combine a laser gun and a shotgun? A laser shotgun! In Soul Knight, the laser shotgun is a very rare gun that you might chance upon. To get yourself a laser shotgun, you need to merge the Judge and the Judge.

When you equip the laser shotgun and hit the fire button, four laser beams shoot out. The good thing – it can pierce through the enemies. The bad thing – you will have to be accurate with the aim to deal more damage.

3Star Bow

Star Bow (Image via Soul Knight Wiki)

The Star Bow is more than just a star-studded bow. But to get your hands on this shiny bow, you need to merge – Flame bow, Jade bow, and Frost bow. The Star Bow deals variable damage. This means that the longer you tap and hold the fire button, the more damage will be inflicted.

Additionally, the projectile pierces through everything in its way. After the projectile lands near or pierces the enemy, it releases another laser blast that deals more damage.

4Soul Calibre

Soul Calibre (Image via Soul Knight Wiki)

The Soul Calibre is a rifle that does huge burst damage. The gun shoots piercing bullets and if you hold down the fire button, you will a little speed boost. Note that the energy cost for firing is high. Shooting randomly in all directions will be a frightful waste. To make the most out of the gun, get Energy Buff and Accuracy Buff.

To forge a Soul Calibre, you need 4 batteries, 8 ironstones, 8 parts, 3 red fragments, and 150 gems. Note that the forging recipes vary slightly from one version to another.

5Thunderstorm Warhammer

Thunderstorm Warhammer (Image via Soul Knight Wiki)

The Thunderstorm Warhammer is an upgraded version of the Thunder Hammer. The Epic melee hammer can be formed by merging Thunder Warhammer and an Upgrade Kit. You can use it against enemies and bosses, but it’s rather ineffective for defense.

Each time the hammer is smacked on the ground, it spawns shockwaves and electric balls. You can ambush around 4 enemies with the zapping balls. However, the weapon does not work if you run out of energy. Remember to use Energy Buff and other buffs.

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