Soul Knight has a bunch of cool miscellaneous weapons that players can craft and use. In fact, some are rare and legendary and you will get them only if you are lucky enough.

Nirvana Cross is one such legendary weapon that is neither a shotgun nor a sword. It’s a misc weapon which means it just does not fit into any weapon categories. But don’t let that fool you. The Nirvana Cross has the power to revive you after you have been defeated.

There are two ways to get the shiny, glittery cross – the Easter Bunny chest or by forging it. The easiest way is to beat the Easter Bunny boss and grab the cross from the chest. To forge it, you will need one Orange Magic Fragment and a thousand gems.

Soul Knight: Tips on How to Use Nirvana Cross

Nirvana Cross in Soul Knight (Image via Soul Knight Wiki)

The Nirvana Cross is a rather funny weapon. To begin with, it takes up a weapon slot but it’s not even throwable. It does not shield you from any damage nor does it help you in the fight. This also means that you will have just one weapon for actual attacks.

However, the Nirvana Cross can revive you if you have been defeated. For the revival, you need to add the cross in your weapon slot beforehand. The cross is consumed after the revival. Note that ‘revival’ means health, armor, and energy are restored to the fullest.

For beginners who succumb to enemies often, this is nothing less of a ‘must-have’ in the game. To use it smartly, get the extra weapon buff. This way, you will have enough weapons along with the cross.

However, for intermediate and expert players, the Nirvana Cross might not be useful. As players gain powerful weapons, they are less likely to be defeated.

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