Soul Knight: Best Characters

Soul Knight is a fun game with lots of characters, weapons, and adventures. Right at the start of the game, players get to choose from a bunch of adorable characters.

Characters can be unlocked with gems and real money. Regardless of what you decide to splurge, here are some of the best characters in the game.

Soul Knight: Top 5 characters in the game


Image via Soul Knight Wiki

The Knight is probably the best playable character in Soul Knight. Its the first character that players unlock. The Knight is a tough guy with high HP and medium energy. However, Knight’s damage depends entirely on the weapon. If you get a nice weapon with high damage, then this is not a problem.

Knight’s skills include Dual Weild, Superior Fire, and Chaotic Strike. You can get some skins like Elite Knight, Lava Knight, Cyber Knight, and more. The Knight can be used for most of the game. The character might be weak against advanced enemies.


Image via Soul Knight Wiki

Paladin is another great playable character who later also appears as an NPC. As you can figure out by the bulky armor, the Paladin has the highest armor. But he also has the lowest health. His Energy Points are okay-ish, so you need to be careful with weapon selection.

The Paladin has special abilities like the Energy Shield, Holy Warrior, and Splash and Bash. This makes him suitable for both offensive as well as defensive strategies. For the Paladin, you can get skins like Blood Dragon, Santa Green, Guardian, and more. You can unlock the Paladin for $1.


Image via Soul Knight Wiki

The Rogue is arguably one of the top characters in the game. He has the lowest armor but Rogue has some mean abilities that compensate for it. Rogue’s ability ‘Dodge’ can dodge all the bullets and roll closer to the enemy. ‘Iaido’ and ‘Cartwheel’ abilities also help players dodge attacks and charge towards enemies.

Players can unlock Rogue for just 2000 gems. If you like aesthetic customizations and extra perks, you can unlock skins for Rogue.


Image via Soul Knight Wiki

Berserker has high HP points and does high melee damage. The character, however, has low armor points. Interestingly, despite the low armor health, Berserker is rather an aggressive character. With abilities like ‘Rage’, ‘Free Style’, and ‘Leap’, Berserker does rapid and high damage.

For Berserker, you can get skins like Bruce Lee, Gladiator, and more. You can unlock the Berserker for $2.


Image via Soul Knight Wiki

Necromancer is one of the enigmas of Soul Knight. If played correctly, Necromancer can be one of the best characters in Soul Knight. She has okayish health and armor but very high Energy Points.

Her special abilities include Nightmare, Omen Stone, and Souls Resurrect. To renew Necromancer’s wardrobe, you can get skins like Bunny Lady, Stunt Actor, and more. You can unlock Necromancer for $2.

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