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Zoo Life: Animal Park Tips & Tricks

Zoo Life: Animal Park Tips & Tricks
Credit to Sparkling Society

While the support of zoos and marine parks can be a debatable thing these days, it’s perfectly acceptable to mimic it in a situation where there are no live animals. If resource management games with cute characters are your thing, you’ll love Zoo Life: Animal Park, a game that’s a lot like your old school Zoo Tycoon, you’ll love this compact version.

The goal is cut and dry – build the best zoo you can, and keep your animals happy. There are toucans, lemurs, and lots of other animals for you to populate your zoo with. Their upkeep isn’t free of course, you’ll have to support it by building facilities at the zoo guests will spend money on. These are all of the tips and tricks you’ll need for success in Zoo Life: Animal Park.

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How To Hire Employees In Zoo Life: Animal Park

You need employees at the zoo in order to make things run efficiently. They mostly run the shops. Something that quirked us at first was that for some reason, the employees weren’t going to the facilities despite there being an employee lounge. The employee lounge is your key to getting staff into the park. The reason for that issue was because the lounge was not within range of the buildings, if you want them to be in charge of something, it needs to be placed in front of the lounge.

You’ll know the range distance when you tap on it and see a blue highlighted area around the building. This is where you can place facilities. If they are in that area, the employees will go to them. You’ll know when a building needs employees when there’s a red emote of a person on the roof of it.

Something to note is that you don’t need to worry about putting the animal enclosures near the employee lounge, as it’s your job to manage them. It’s their job to deal with the retail and yours to take care of the animals.

How To Build Paths In Zoo Life: Animal Park

The zoo map in Zoo Life: Animal Park.
Credit to Sparkling Society

This next one has to do with the bane of every resource management player, NPCs, and their lack of awareness. You surely remember playing Zoo Tycoon and spending money on tons of trash cans only that they never seemed to use them. Here, paths are your best friends because guests will not go anywhere if there’s not a path connected to it, because heaven forbid, they step on grass. To make paths, click the square at the bottom of the screen that looks like a train track. This will put you in Road Mode and you can place paths wherever you need to.

How To Get Money In Zoo Life: Animal Park

Make sure to periodically check your facilities to collect the revenue. There’s no option to collect everything at once, so you have to do it manually. This is important for being able to purchase things for the zoo and to reach reward milestones. You can check this by tapping the icon at on the screen that looks like a clipboard. You’ll see your progress on current achievements. These can mostly be completed by playing through the mechanics of the game.

How To Unlock New Areas In Zoo Life: Animal Park

As a new player, you’ve probably noticed the inaccessible buildings around the map that have a star with a number on them. These are places locked behind your park level, which you can see at the upper left-hand corner of the screen. As you progress through the game and boost up your park level, you’ll unlock more of these areas. You also want to keep an eye on your popularity, the heart icon that’s on the upper right-hand side of the screen. This is boosted by keeping your zoo nice, because the more popular and higher-end it is, the more people will be willing to pay top dollar to visit it. One of the best ways to do this is by having cool rare animals in the zoo that attract tourists.

How To Feed Animals In Zoo Life: Animal Park

You need to feed your animals periodically to keep them happy. To do this, tap the button in the lower right-hand corner of the screen that has a knife and fork on it. You’ll see that icon on the animal’s enclosure when they’re ready to eat.

Choose the food and drag it over to the animal’s enclosure. Keep in mind that the bigger an animal is, the more it will consume while the smaller ones will eat less. You can also purchase toys for the animals by tapping on their enclosure. Go to the tab that says items and choose the toy option. Every animal should have a shed, a decoration for their pen and a toy to play with. Happy enriched animals will give you more popularity points.

You can upgrade all of the buildings, but the ones you should focus on maxing out first are the food resources like the vegetable garden. See, your animal population is going to expand, especially when your animals breed. With more mouths to feed in the future, you need to maximize your meal resources.

Meet all of the cute animals today in Zoo Life: Animal Park!

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Zoo Life: Animal Park Tips & Tricks