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How To Get A Dinosaur in Stardew Valley

How To Get A Dinosaur in Stardew Valley
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The farming simulator Stardew Valley has a few special animals you can have on your farm. These are on the rarer side and only have the chance to be acquired through unlocking certain places. They take work to get but are often worth it because of the value of the items they produce. When it comes to dinosaurs, they can produce eggs which can be made into the special Dinosaur Mayonnaise. Dinosaurs themselves are not that hard to get, with it being more of a matter of luck than anything else. This is how to get a dinosaur in Stardew Valley.

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Why Dinosaurs Exist In Stardew Valley

Now you’re probably thinking, how in the world does a dinosaur exist in Stardew Valley? Aren’t those supposed to be extinct? Well, here’s the thing, Stardew Valley’s lore has a lot of magic and fantasy elements despite being along the lines of a life simulator. Not to mention there are many deep caves in the land where the dinosaurs could have easily survived for a long time. In fact, that’s where you can find their eggs.

Where To Find Dinosaur Eggs In the Skull Cavern In Stardew Valley

a dinosaur in stardew valley
Credit to Concerned Ape.

After you trek through all floors of the Mines in the starting map, you can get the key to access the Skull Cavern, which is home to the Pepper Rex, the NPC dinosaur monster that sometimes drops eggs when killed. Pepper Rexes live on the Prehistoric Floors, which are floors randomly encountered that are infested by multiples of the named beast.

Since there’s a 10 percent drop rate, these might be your best bet for getting a Dinosaur egg. However, that only happens if you’re lucky enough to find a floor. The Skull Cavern has difficult enemies, so getting there can be difficult. There are a few safer ways to find one, but you’ll have a lower luck chance, so the option is yours.

Where To Dig Up Dinosaur Eggs In Stardew Valley

Dinosaur eggs can be found in treasure chests from fishing and the Artifact Spots in the quarry, those little patches that look like worms on the ground. When tested, digging in the Quarry was interestingly the method that worked. What you need to do is clear out all of the stones in the Quarry so that there’s plenty of room for Artifact Spots to spawn. They pop up the most in Winter, so get rid of the rocks a little bit before Fall ends. Wait and check back to see if any Artifact Spots spawn and hopefully one will have a Dinosaur Egg.

After you get the egg, put it into the incubator of a Big Coop to hatch. After it grows up it lays eggs which became valuable farm produce. You can also hatch the eggs if you want to breed more dinosaurs.

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How To Get A Dinosaur in Stardew Valley