Where and How To Catch a Bream in Stardew Valley

a bream from stardew valley

Stardew Valley is the kind of game where even the lowest value resources are handy. This definitely applies to fish, particularly the Bream. This gem of the water doesn’t require any special equipment beyond the basic Fishing Rod to catch. There are, however, some tips you should know for how to catch one. This is where and how to catch a Bream in Stardew Valley.

The Story Of Stardew Valley

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Fans of Harvest Moon will adore this famous title. Stardew Valley is a 2D farming simulator game developed by creator ConcernedApe. The story sends the player to a place called Pelican Town to take over the rundown farm of the players deceased grandfather. Your job is to restore it to its former glory. There is plenty to do from exploring the mines to interacting with the townspeople. You will also need to work on fixing the towns old Community Center so that it does not get taken over by the Jojamart company, the corporate store in town that’s looking to make that spot into its new warehouse. To fix the Community Center, you have to make bundles that appease the creatures living in the old building. One of these requires a Bream.

When To Catch A Bream In Stardew Valley

The player fishing in Stardew Valley.

To catch a Bream, go to the river and use your Fishing Rod. The only thing to keep in mind is that it is a night fish. This means you can only catch one after 6pm, so make sure you are in that time window when trying. If you have not used the fishing mechanic before, it can be tricky so you may need to try a few times before you get it. Eventually, you’ll surely reel in a Bream!

How To Use A Bream In Stardew Valley

Besides using it for the Community Center, some townspeople will ask you for a Bream as part of an individual quest. You can also use them to dye things blue in the dye pots that are inside the home of Emily. Players will always find a reason to need a Bream!

Comfy gamers will find they enjoy this whimsical game. Build your town life today in Stardew Valley and follow us at Touch Tap Play for all the farming tips!

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Where and How To Catch a Bream in Stardew Valley


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