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What Livestock Should You Raise First in Story of Seasons

Looking into livestock to guarantee your income in Story of Seasons? These are the best animals to buy and raise when starting the game.

One of your biggest sources of income in Story of Seasons: A Wonderful Life is livestock. The wool, milk, and eggs you get from them are important for income, cooking, and gifts. However, if you want to start off on the right foot and make an ample amount of money, you have to pick the ones who are valuable without outside help.

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In simple terms, certain animals are just not worth the investment when you don’t have the equipment to process them. Being fiscal is everything, because there are not many external ways to make money in the game, and certain things can only be sold at Van’s shop during his bimonthly visits. To help get you started, this is what livestock you should raise first in Story of Seasons.

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Cost-friendly animals in Story of Seasons

Buying an animal in Story of Seasons
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Looking at the catalog, you can see many different kinds of animals available. The first on the list are cows, but you need to ignore these for now. Specialty cows, like the star and brown ones, make milk that is specifically meant for processing into cheese and butter, but to do that you need a processing room, which is one of the most expensive things to purchase. For that reason, specialty cows are not worth it alone.

Instead, scroll down for now and find the sheep. They are far less expensive than the cows and regularly produce wool, which sells for a good price without the need for any kind of processing. Some happy sheep even make gold wool, which sells for a hefty value. Start with one male and one female, so that you can breed a flock and save some money on purchasing them. The wool allows you to accumulate income quickly.

Raising chickens in Story of Seasons

Another inexpensive investment you can do is chickens. A male chicken costs only 500 gold and can fertilize the hens’ eggs. Chickens don’t need food either, as they feed themselves outside. When you find a fertilized egg, place it in the incubator in the coop, and it will eventually hatch into a chicken. This allows you to grow your chicken population for basically no cost.

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What Livestock Should You Raise First in Story of Seasons