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Best Crops Per Season in Story of Seasons

These are the best crops to plant in Story of Seasons.

While not the most profitable item of Story of Seasons on their own, crops are very important in the game as a culinary tool and friendship booster. Each one has their own season that they grow in along with different rates. You’ll need to water them of course and tend to them daily to ensure they bloom properly before the seasons change. Because of these factors, there are ones to use and ones to avoid. These are the best crops per season in Story of Seasons.

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For Spring, your best bet would be growing watermelons, strawberries, and tomatoes because they grow fast. Tomatoes can be used in a few different recipes and because they all grow fast, you can possibly squeeze in more than one crop in the season. If you’re a new player trying to save money, stick with strawberries and tomatoes, as they are significantly cheaper than watermelon seeds.


For summertime, you can grow melons, but they take longer to grow so make sure that you plant right at the beginning of the season. A better option would be turnips because they are one of the cheapest crops at 20 gold and can be grown for three seasons. This is a much better turnaround compared to melons, which only grow for two seasons.


Autumn is the season of carrots and sweet potatoes. Carrots have a longer growing time, but they can be planted through the colder months while sweet potatoes are limited to autumn. Sweet Potatoes can be used in a recipe that you receive from Sebastian, so they’re worth growing.


In the coldest season of the year, you can grow potatoes. They’re a universal ingredient you can use for cooking, requests, and gifts. This is what makes them worth it despite their higher price tag and short growing season. Something you can avoid growing completely is the fruit trees, as they take up a lot of space on the soil and aren’t worth it.

You can plant crops, breed livestock, and raise a family today in Story of Seasons: A Wonderful Life!

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Best Crops Per Season in Story of Seasons