Zoglin in Minecraft: Everything You Need to Know

zoglin minecraft guide

In the Minecraft world, there is a place not only for those mobs that spawn during the generation of the world or after its creation. There are even such mobs that the character himself can create in a game. And one of these creatures is Zoglin.

Zoglins are hostile creatures, but their key feature is that they only appear when hoglins enter the world. Thus, zoglins are complex creatures with their own unique mechanics. Therefore, if you want to understand them in detail, then keep reading our Minecraft Zoglin guide.

How to Spawn Zoglins in Minecraft

The only way to get a zoglin in the standard way is by converting it from a hoglin. And for this, this mob must get either into the ordinary world or into hell.

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What Does He Drop?

  • You can get Rotten Flesh. As a rule, 1-3 fleshes drop. However, if you enchant a weapon with “Loot,” then you can get up to 6 units. For each level of this enchantment, the number increases by 1 unit.
  • You can get Experience. In the Bedrock Edition, only 1 to 3 units and only from adult creatures can be gotten this item.

How to Spawn a Zoglin in Creative Mode?

  • First of all, you need to open the chat window using the “T” key.
  • After that, in the window that opens, you must write the following command, “/ give @p minecraft: zoglin_spawn”
  • Next, you just need to press “Enter”.

Alternatively, you can also use the spawn egg. To get the egg, write the following, “/ give @p minecraft: zoglin_spawn_egg”.

This is everything you need to know about a Zoglin in Minecraft. We can’t say that zoglins are extremely useful mobs. Rotten flesh can be obtained in a safer way, and there is no way to get any food from them. However, they bring a nice variety to the gameplay.

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Zoglin in Minecraft: Everything You Need to Know


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