The Minecraft Nether Update is Here, Revamping the Dangerous Underworld


Minecraft‘s latest update has been teased for a while, and now it is finally here. The officially titled Nether update focuses on completely revamping the crimson underworld of the bright and colorful Minecraft universe.

The dark side of Minecraft is finally ready to reveal itself, so grab your obsidian and flint and steel, and prepare for a journey. The Nether we once knew has been completely changed, so it is an all new experience for new adventurers and veterans alike.

The Nether is now split into four different biomes: Soulsand Valleys, Basalt Deltas, Crimson Forests, and Warped Forests. Each biome features different flora and fauna, and you may even come across some new block types.

One new item in particular is the fabled Netherite Scrap. When you have enough of these, you can smelt them down into Netherite Ingots which produce the strongest equipment in the game – yes, even stronger than diamond!

Your search for Netherite will take you across the entirety of the Nether where you will come across new mobs like the Piglins, who will hunt you down unless you are wearing shiny armor like them. You can even barter with them, netting some rare items!

You may also come across creatures who are a little more unruly, like the wild Hoglins who will charge the player on sight, no matter the circumstances. Approach them with caution, as Hoglins are one of the strongest mobs in all of Minecraft!

The Nether update also adds new enchantments, items, and of course plenty of new blocks to build with. Take the Nether by storm!

The Nether update is available now as a free content update to all versions of Minecraft.

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The Minecraft Nether Update is Here, Revamping the Dangerous Underworld


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