Zero City: Zombie Assistant – Should You Get It?


The Zombie Assistant has just been introduced to Zero City: Zombie Shelter Survival aka Zero City: Try to Survive. But since it costs quite a bit of premium currency, there’s one burning question that has to be answered: is the Zombie Assistant worth it?

We’re going to try to answer the question in today’s article, to make sure that you put those premium coins to the best possible use.

In case you don’t know what the Zombie Assistant does in Zero City: Zombie Shelter Survival, here’s the rundown: it will automatically collect resources when you are away and it will complete the training of your Shelter dwellers when you are around.

In other words, he makes it easier for you to keep your dwellers in tip top shape and max out their numbers over night (or whenever you are away), while also making sure that you don’t waste any resources.

This is definitely a good thing to do, but having in mind that you need to pay 450 cryptocoins (aka the premium currency) in order to have one activated for 15 days, it is definitely not cheap.

Currently, 450 Premium coins are about $5 if we don’t take any bonuses or special offers into account… so spending $10 per month for the assistant is definitely not cheap.

But is the Zombie Assistant worth it?

I would say that the Zombie Assistant becomes more useful as you go up the levels. At low levels, with under 10 dwellers and an overall low level base, it is not very useful. But later on, when training times get a bit longer and resources do matter a lot, not having to worry about logging back in at the right time is definitely useful. Not to mention the fact that over night you are wasting resources and time.

So I would say that you should only consider bringing in the Zombie Assistant in Zero City once you reach 15 dwellers in your base. If you don’t want to spend too much premium currency and you have some dwellers that you’d like leveled up a lot (say from level 3-4 to level 14 and above), just get the shortest amount of time and keep the dwellers you want leveled up in the corresponding training rooms.

I personally think that $10 per month for the Zombie Assistant is a bit expensive, but if you’re getting the Premium Coins at a lower value by purchasing the packs, getting the first recharge bonuses or as other different special offers, it might be worth it as it does make life around camp a lot easier.

In the end, it all depends on how much you are willing to spend on the game. I personally prefer a Premium Account purchase instead of a Zombie Assistant based on value for money… but having both definitely packs a bigger punch.

What do you think though? Is the price tag on the Zombie Assistant correct or you don’t think it’s something worth buying?

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Zero City: Zombie Assistant – Should You Get It?


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