Zero City: Best Team Setup to Keep on Winning

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Setting up the perfect team of fighters in Zero City: Zombie Shelter Survival is one of the most important things in the game. Simply throwing in some equipment pieces randomly onto some poorly trained troops just won’t do it.

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But worry not! I am here to teach you how to set up the perfect team in Zero City and make sure that you always have an advantage over your opponents. After reading today’s guide, you will have a better understanding of the way fighters work in the game and you’ll be able to create the best team based on the items you have.

First of all, before even going into the specifics, it’s worth noting that you should always have your fighting team members trained to the maximum level allowed by your Gym. This way, all their stats will increase and they will become more powerful.

But choosing the right members AND the correct gear for them is just as important, and we’ll detail these below. And since there are various numbers that you can bring into your team based on your level and progress, we’ll talk about each of them individually.

There are three types of main units you can send into battle:

Infantry: melee units that usually act as Tanks (they must have high defense, high health)
Ranger: ranged units that deal damage from a distance (they are farthest away on the battlefield)
Chemist: mid-range units that can also be used as support units. They are versatile, can deal splash damage and have other bonuses for your team.

Pro tip: Always prepare for the future! Start training your 4th fighter to the maximum possible level in the Gym as soon as you get your Command Center to level 5, in order to make it a lot easier for you to integrate the new member into your team (and bring them in with a bang!)

Zero City: Best Team Setup for 3 Fighters

When you can only bring three fighters into battle, you don’t have a lot of room for experimenting because most likely you will only have good enough equipment to build one really strong fighter of each type, since the game will usually evenly distribute the items rewarded.

This means that my recommended setup for 3 fighters is: 1 Infantry, 1 Ranger, 1 Chemist.

But the items are extremely important here. Most of what I will write about equipment will still stand from now on – I will mention it if you should focus on something else.

Infantry: you need to built an extremely durable fighter here, able to take as much damage as possible. Equip a weapon that regenerates health, armor that does the same (or at least has a mix of defense boosting/damage dealing or damage/dodge) and items that increase health/dodge/defense.

Ranger: This is your main damage dealer. Equip all items focusing on dealing damage. Ideally, equip a weapon that has a chance to deal damage to multiple enemies and armor that increases damage and critical (the “Accurate Sniper” gear is perfect here). Items should also focus on increasing damage and critical. If you don’t have these options, dodge is second best.

Chemist: It is extremely important here to equip a weapon that has the text saying that once in a while it will reanimate an ally. This is vital because it will bring back a dead trooper (usually the Tank), completely changing the fate of the game.

Right now, that reanimation activates even if the Chemist dies in battle, so it is insanely important to have that. No other weapon is just as good.

Then, all the other items should have one main focus: to increase the Chemistry Knowledge because that will not only increase the base damage dealt, but also increase the health of the reanimated unit.

With a well-built chemist, it’s almost like having 4 troops when you can only have one, thanks to the reanimation attribute.

Zero City: Best Team Setup for 4 Fighters

When you finally manage to upgrade your Barracks and can send 4 fighters into battle, things change a bit. I still recommend to have the first three members set up as above… but what about the new fighter?

I think that the most important thing here is to look at the items that you and simply build a fighter based on where your best items are.

Ideally, you would go with another Chemist. Equip them with a weapon that reanimates and you will give a ton of headaches to your opponents. This is overpowered in my opinion, so always choose this route if you have it available.

In my case, I had equipment to build a second solid Tank (Infantry). I am not really happy with this setup, especially when fighting against people with two Rangers. Therefore, even though I didn’t have the chance to test out this setup, I think that it would definitely be best if you could go with either of the following setups for 4 members:

– 2 Chemists, 1 Ranger, 1 Infantry
– 1 Chemist, 2 Rangers, 1 Infantry

Team setups for 5 fighters and more

Since the game is still fairly new at the moment of writing this article, I haven’t yet reached these more advanced stages of the game, so we can’t discuss yet these formations. But I will definitely update the article when I get there.

Until then, don’t forget to check out our other guides for this game, like the general tips and tricks, as well as my thoughts on the Premium Account or the Zombie Assistant.

In the mean time, if you have different opinions about the best team setups in Zero City: Zombie Shelter Survival, or you want to share your preferred 5-6 fighter setups, don’t hesitate to post a comment below.

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Zero City: Best Team Setup to Keep on Winning

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