the lofts in the yiga hideout
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Zelda Breath Of The Wild Yiga Clan Hideout Guide

This is how to get to the Yiga Clan hideout.

The remote roads in Zelda Breath of the Wild are filled with those nasty Yiga agents. Bad news, there’s a whole hideout full of them you’ll have to face later on when you get to Gerudo desert. Don’t worry, it’s not too hard to navigate. You could even say it’s…bananas.

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How To Begin The Mission

You’ll start this quest once you get to Gerudo Town and speak to Chief Riju. She’ll tell you that her family heirloom (the Thunder Helm) has been stolen by the Yiga clan. You need this in order to face divine beast Van Naboris, so there’s no choice but to invade their hideout and take it back.

Where To Find The Yiga Clan Hideout

a map to get to the yiga hideout
Credit to Nintendo

The hideout is situated between some cliffs not too far from town, so it shouldn’t be too tough to find. The best way is by taking a sand seal and going left from the shrine outside town. Try to stay near the cliffs on the right in order to avoid those big smoke clouds because they will make your Sheikah slate stop working if you get too close. The front of the hide out has several large rocks in front of it that look like fingers, you’ll spot it quickly.

The Yiga hideout in Zelda
Credit to Nintendo

There’s going to be some grunts guarding the pathway, take care of them and keep moving on until you reach the entrance hideout. Inside the foyer there’s going to be several tapestries, the way inside is hidden in one of these. Burn all of them to collect the treasure and you’ll eventually find one with steps.

How To Avoid The Yiga Grunts

Room One

gliding in the yiga hideout
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Walk ahead and you’ll see that you’re on a platform, along with a Gerudo woman imprisoned. You can’t free her right now, but if you talk to her, she’ll tell you that the Yigas are always hungry for bananas. This is very important, so grab any and all bananas you see.

Next, glide to the platform. If the guard is about to catch you by surprise when you’re climbing up, you can use the time stop rune to freeze them in place. Drop a banana in front of him and when he runs to it, glide to the next area, where another guard is blocking a door.

Room Two

Hiding behind blocks in the yiga hideout
Credit to Nintendo

Use the time stop on him and drop a banana in the aisle and then run to the other side of the wall to hide. When he’s distracted, run through the unattended entrance. Go straight until you reach some long stairs that will take you to the lofts of the new room. Glide to the smaller platform and not the big one because the logs on it prevent you from being able to climb to the top. On top of this spot, turn left and you’ll see a different set of stairs across the way. Use bananas and time stop on any guards in your way and glide over there.

Room Three

The upper lofts in the yiga hideout
Credit to Nintendo

The awning panels here will lead you to be just below where the other guard is, so you can easily drop a banana right in front of them without being seen. Once you head to the next room, you’ll find some treasure chests buried in the sand. Pull them out using the Magnesis rune and in the process, you should see a mysterious block in the wall. This will lead to a fight with the boss Master Kohga. Once you beat him, you’ll get the Thunder Helm back and the quest will be complete. All of the grunts will be gone from the hideout now, so you can go back and collect any chests you couldn’t before.

Now you are all ready to take on Van Naboris and are one step closer to beating Calamity Ganon!

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Zelda Breath Of The Wild Yiga Clan Hideout Guide