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How to Get the Ancient Set in Zelda Breath Of The Wild

The biggest bane of your existence in Zelda Breath Of The Wild is something that is far worse than the Water Temple and more difficult than any of the bosses. Called guardians, they run, fly, and they can see you coming from a mile away. Annoying? Yes. Unbeatable? Not quite.

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The Horror of the Guardians

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If you’ve played Breath of the Wild, you’ve been there. You’re minding your own business, picking your apples, and boom, a laser comes out of nowhere and one-shots you. Guardians were once the servant robots of the Sheikah, but Calamity Ganon poached them and now they’re your enemy. However, with the Ancient Armor set, you can guarantee protection from a guardian snipe as well as a power-up over them. Getting it is a fussy process, but it’s absolutely worth it.

Ancient Armor Location in Zelda Breath of the Wild

the blue flame in akkala lab
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The Ancient Armor set is a later-game trio of items that you can get in the Akkala tech lab. This is a place that’s in the far northeastern corner of Hyrule. It’s an upper-level area with a lot of tricky monsters and guardians around it, so it’s best avoided if you’re still trying to build up hearts and stamina.

You should have done at least a few of the shrines with the battle guardians in order to get their weapons because it will let you get your foot in the door of fighting the harder guardians outside. In turn, you’ll get the parts from them that you need to make the Ancient Armor later.

How to Get to Akkala in Zelda Breath of the Wild

Akkala is very easy to get to because of its location. All you have to do is travel as northeast as you possibly can and you’ll make it there. If you need a geographical context, it’s north of Zora’s Domain. Follow the path that’s outside of the mountains north and you’ll find it a bit past the North Akkala Foothill. A fast horse will help you make the journey quicker.

When you get there, you have to do a quest that’s just like the Blue Flame quest in Hateno but the hard mode version. You’re carrying the flame up by a hill, but this time the path is filled with monsters. Afterward, you’ll be able to use the robot inside to build armor and weapons. Don’t bother with the weapons though because you can get those in shrines, save all of your resources for the armor.

The set has three pieces, each costing 2000 rupees:

  • Ancient Helm – 3 Ancient Cores, 5 Ancient Shafts, 20 Ancient Gears
  • Ancient Greaves – 3 Ancient Cores, 5 Ancient Shafts, 20 Ancient Gears
  • Ancient Cuirass – 3 Ancient Cores, 5 Ancient Shafts, 20 Ancient Gears

Once you have this, you have a new protection and power against the guardians that will change the game for you. And yes, we know it’s not the prettiest armor, but it does a very important job so don’t complain.

For other tips on armor and weapons in Breath of the Wild, keep an eye on our coverage as we revisit this classic.

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How to Get the Ancient Set in Zelda Breath Of The Wild