a stallion wearing flowers in zelda
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How to Get the Royal Steed in Zelda Breath of the Wild

There are many neat horses in Breath of the Wild you can tame, but none are quite as majestic as the wild white steed. This beauty is the descendant of the horse Princess Zelda rode many years before and if you can tame it, can be ridden by you now.

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Requirements to Tame the Royal Steed in Zelda Breath of the Wild

a stallion wearing flowers in zelda
Credit to Nintendo

This horse is not one that you can tame on a whim or as a beginner, as it has a very stubborn personality. It is highly recommended that you have at least a few stamina nodes or you bring an ample number of stamina refueling potions with you. A combination of both would be ideal. If you want to give up some hearts for stamina and are willing to shell out rupees, you can visit the demon statue in Hateno Village. The statue is near the pond near where the house you can buy is.

Where to Get the Stealth Armor in Zelda Breath of the Wild

The other thing you should have is the stealth armor set, which will allow you to get much closer to the stallion without being detected. Horses are prey animals, and they will bolt if they hear you. When this happens, they’re impossible to catch because they run in a circular rather than a straight motion.

Therefore, the stealth armor is one of the best investments you can make. It’s also good for sneaking up on birds, goats, and other things that run away, like frogs. The whole set costs 800 rupees at the armor shop in Kakariko village.

How to Get to Sanidin Park Ruins

Once you’re prepared, it’s time to head out to tame the stallion. From Kakariko village, it’s the past the exit toward Hateno village, but instead of making a turn, you’re going to go straight until you get over the next bridge. Keep follow the straight path and when you get to the forked road near Great Plateau Tower, stay on the left. You’ll know you’re on the right path if there’s a big wall to the left side of you.

A high wall in breath of the wild
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You’ll eventually get to Outskirt Stable. The park where the stallion is just a little further ahead. But before you keep going, speak to the older gentleman at the stable named Toffa to start the Royal White Stallion side quest. This isn’t required but showing him the stallion later will grant you the special royal saddle and bridle. After all, regular tack just doesn’t suit this beauty!

talking to toffa in breath of the wild
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Zelda Breath of the Wild – White Stallion Location

Keep following the path, cross the bridge and you should reach Sanidin Park Ruins. There’s a courtyard in the middle with a horse statue and a small strip of land on the right with a bigger one on the left where more horses live. The stallion should be roaming near the side on the right but look in other parts if he’s not there.

on a hill in breath of the wild
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When you find it, sneak up close enough to jump on it by pressing A and then press L like your life depends on it. Don’t be afraid to use those stamina potions if you need to. When the horse stops jump around, you’ve officially tamed it. The work isn’t over yet though, now you have to ride it back to Outskirt Stable to register it at the desk. Do that, complete the side quest for the royal armor and you’re officially set.

a stallion with a long mane in breath of the wild
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The white stallion is one of the fastest horses in the game and having it will allow you to travel places much quicker now. You worked hard to tame it, now enjoy it!

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How to Get the Royal Steed in Zelda Breath of the Wild