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How to Cook in Zelda Breath of the Wild

Let him cook! In Zelda Breath Of The Wild, food is the key to your survival. There’s no hunger mechanic here, but meals on hand can restore your hearts in a pinch. Some ingredients can even help you when it’s too hot or too cold. Let’s learn how food helps.

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The Cooking Vessel in Zelda Breath of the Wild

To make anything, you have to find a pot in one of the towns and if it isn’t lit, do it yourself with a torch. You can make a fire by putting down some wood and flint. Hit the flint with a metal weapon and it will ignite into a campfire. Equip a branch or a torch and stand near the fire to light it. Now go to the pot and press Y to light the flame under the pot. It’s all ready for cooking now!

How to Properly Use Ingredients in Zelda Breath of the Wild

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The output of what you get when cooking all depends on several factors – the number of ingredients you put in, if you use flavorings like salt, butter or nuts, etc. The more unique combinations you try, the better the dish will come out in the context that it will restore more hearts.

For example, if you just cook an egg with salt and butter, you’ll get a plain omelet that restores two hearts. But if you add some chicken and maybe mushrooms, it will turn into a more valuable dish. For example, if you add honey when cooking meat, you can get glazed meat!

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Use Seasoning!

For the simplest easiest dishes with good recovery, just take five of the same protein (such as fish, chicken, deer meat) and put it in. Plant products like peppers won’t do much when cooked on their own, so always try to mix them in when possible. Don’t use monster parts in your cooking, those are for making potions and will turn your dish into dubious food. Also, an ingredient’s value will come into play here, the more exclusive it is, the more its nutritional value will be.

How to Combine Variables in Zelda Breath of the Wild

In order to cook, just go to the lit pot and stand in front of it. Next, press the + button to access your inventory. Now choose the ingredients you want to use by pressing A and then the hold button. Choose up to five and then press B to leave the inventory. Now press A to drop all the ingredients into the pot. Guess what? You cooked! You’re now all ready to perfectly utilize the things you’ve hunted and foraged on your journey.

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How to Cook in Zelda Breath of the Wild