If you’ve been reading our articles here at Touch Tap Play, you probably know already that I love playing WWE SuperCard and I keep playing it on a daily basis, spending a couple of hours per day in the game. Now with over 500 Exhibition games played and three King of the Ring championships won, I am here to share with you some tips and tricks on how to win King of the Ring in WWE SuperCard, and how to increase your chances of winning exhibition games easily.

Since these two work hand in hand mostly, it’s good to group them together in one article. So here are my pro tips for basically winning the game without spending any money!

Exhibition is all about choosing the right opponent
It might not seem fair play, but it helps you win: choosing the weakest opponent possible increases your win chances. I have 482 wins and 59 losses, and at least half of those losses are caused by deciding that I am strong enough to beat a player that seems a lot better than me. Play it safe to keep collecting the rewards!

In order to choose an easy opponent, there are some things that you should consider:
– the total number of games & lost games: the fewer total games your opponent has played, the greater the chances of him or her having cards that are worse than yours. Look for players with more losses, since this proves that they do have some weaknesses in their decks.
– check out their rank: to the right of all opponents, there is an icon showing their rank. Try to pick those that have a rank lower than yours or at most equal. NEVER try a better ranked player because their cards are too powerful!
– look at their superstar: if they still have an uncommon card as a superstar, chances are that they also have a poor deck. Just look at the superstars they have chosen and if you think you can defeat that, go ahead and play!

Learn to refresh the opponents
If the opponents you get in Exhibition mode in WWE SuperCard are too strong for you, simply tap one of your cards and then hit the back button. You will get a new set of opponents. You can do this until you find an opponent you are satisfied with.

Select your support easily & use at the right time
Most of the people, from what I saw, mostly ignore the support they bring into the game. You should try and bring at least uncommon (but greater value is better) support cards and try to cover all the skills: get one with toughness and charisma and one with power and speed, for example. Also, timing your support is extremely important. The opponent will usually use their support in the first match, when you will be playing your strongest card anyway, so there’s little reason to play it in that round. Instead, keep it for the second or third round when the opponent should have, in theory, a crappy card that’s easier to beat.

Your Diva is extremely important
Invest in upgrading your Diva as much as possible, preferably all the way to the maximum level. The reason I am saying this is that good divas (rare or better) are very difficult to come by and chances are you’ll be playing just an uncommon pro or rare card for a looong time. So making sure that you have an advantage in this area almost guarantees you one win each game. So the first card to upgrade to the max: the diva. And if you get a better one eventually, there’s no problem: you need 2 good divas for the King of the Ring anyway!

Train and combine constantly
You need to train your cards first, and then combine them later. However, you should make sure that you combine cards of similar levels, otherwise you risk losing points when combining the superstars. Ideally, I would take my cards to level 7 or 8 before combining then – there’s no reason to go higher, you will get a really strong superstar anyway. Instead of maxing out one character at a time, it’s better to go with all of them at once and try to keep them to a level as high as possible. Start with your best superstars (since chances are you’ll be using them longer) and move down to the worst.

Always choose the right tag team
I won many tag team matches simply because my superstars were of the right elements and got the 10% bonus. So try to create your deck in such a way that you always have the option to send in the perfect matching superstars, or at least of the same element so you don’t lose skill.

How to easily win King of the Ring

– always start when you have at least 4 energy and you know you’ll be playing a bit to get the fifth too. Starting strong gives you an early lead to stick to, especially since many players won’t be active and their superstars will lose stats.
– keep the boosters for the later stages. There is no need to waste them in the qualifying rounds, but you should really use them later
– qualify each time. Usually, just for qualifying, you get a top card, so if you can do at least that, you’re pretty much set and your KotR was worthwhile. Getting further is a matter of timing and who’s more active
– be active. This is extremely important. During a championship, you need to log in often to replenish the stamina of your wrestlers or switch them around.
– level up your KotR cards. The nice thing in WWE SuperCard is that you can still train your wrestlers and increase their stats after the championship starts. This gives you an advantage, so always keep as many cards as possible available for training your guys.
– you need 10 solid players! I’ve seen that many players start with a very good 5 and supplement it with a crappy subs team. It’s better to have 10 solid players than just five, because you will eventually have to switch them around. So 5 maxed out and 5 level 0 cards are worse than 10 level 14-17 cards (unless you are extremely active and can keep them running at full steam at all times)

Use these tips and tricks and you will soon become the WWE SuperCard King of the Ring champion and exhibition game master. Good luck and keep collecting those cards!


  1. Hi I need some help please

    I have ultra rare and super rare cards but it only shows rare and uncommon cards in king of the ring and I don’t know how to change it to ultra rares and super rares can u please help me out


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