WWE SuperCard – or just W SuperCard as some refer to it – is a brand new card collecting game for the iPhone and iPad – a really cool one too. I am here to share with you as many WWE Super Card cheats, tips and strategies that we can in order to help you get more cards and win as many matches as possible. So if you’re having trouble creating that ultimate deck or grabbing win after win, you’re at the right place!

So let’s not use any time and let’s check out the WWE SuperCard tips and strategy guide here at Touch Tap Play, for the Kings of the Ring out there!

1. Keep on Collecting
In other words, keep playing. No matter if you win or lose, you still get a card and more cards are what you need in order to keep winning. Makes sense? Sure it does! So play game after game and work your magic to win as many fights out there to quickly fill your card books and train and become the better player out there.

2. Get the right boost cards
In each of the fights, it’s just one skill that matters, so having boost cards that can increase all the skills available offers you a huge advantage. Have in mind that you can only use one boost per fight, so make sure when you use it you make it count. The good thing about the boost cards is that they’re not consumables, so your job is to only find the perfect ones to take with you!

3. Train, then combine
Whenever you get two cards of the same type, you can combine them to get some extra skills on your basic card. Afterwards, you should start training your cards. Train your medium cards – not the best, nor the worst – in order to increase your chances of winning at first and as you work your way up with better and rarer cards, you can start using rarer cards to level up the existing ones. When you get the two cards to combine, train them first to the maximum level and combine afterwards, to get the biggest possible bonus.

4. Choose your fights wisely
Whenever you start a fight, look at the number of wins and losses the player has. You want a player with more losses than wins, because that indicates weakness. New players (0/0) are also a good option because they usually don’t know all the basics of the game, especially when it comes to the Tag Team fights.

5. Choose the right Tag Team
Always have cards that are compatible in your hand for the tag team, or at least of the same symbol. If your cards are compatible (the triangles create a perfect symbol), you will get a 10% skill bonus. If they are the same symbol, you don’t get anything, and if they are incompatible (triangles mix) you will lose 5% of the skills.

6. The King of the Ring Cheat
The King of the Ring is an auto game mode that rewards you with extra cards, and you can cheat it easily. Since the PvP matching is based on the strength of your deck, all you have to do is to start the game with the worst possible deck to reduce strength. As soon as the tournament starts, simply swap the cards with your best ones and you have better chances at winning!

Check out my first 30 minutes with the game below and how to go on an unbeatable streak from early on:

These would be, for now, the tips and tricks for WWE SuperCard aka WWE Super Card – a great game that I really enjoy playing. If yo have other tips to share with fellow players, let us know by commenting below!


  1. couple problems in this “guide” .. it should be train then combine.. combining to max trained players then training the new pro allows for much higher skills than combining level 0 and then training the pro. also most fights involve 2 skills not 1 as you said. Finally by having a terrible deck for your KOTR you will be in a lower reward tier and even winning won’t give you the rewards you need to progress in the game…

    • Thanks for your observations! Indeed, we’ve seen after some more extensive playing that it’s better to train than combine (both cards), and we’ve adjusted the guide to reflect that. The skills required are pretty much random – in my case, it’s still one skill that matters the most. Finally, the “terrible” deck should be made in such a way that it’s at maximum power – closer to the top of the current reward tier. Winning a KOTR on the lowest level gives you 2 rares and 1 uncommon, which is better than not qualifying at higher tiers.

      • I have only been playing for about a week but I will share my experience with you guys and my strategies. I didn listen to the whole guide as it was too long so If I repeat anything I am sorry.

        First, the most important thing seems to be getting a Diva card leveled and combined. It took me about 5 days to get two uncommon Divas in about 250 matches (they were AJ Lee). Without a strong Diva I was having to struggle with my matches. I was losing almost every Diva battle once I reaches the first two tiers. You want to level the uncommon Diva cards to max before combining. This will make your Uncommon (green card) as strong as a super rare card that is unleveled.

        Second, you want to establish a couple main players that are going to get you that gaurunteed match win. I choose the rare I started with and one other player that would work well with him if I needed a team match, Make sure you use team compatable players as they will give you a boost of 10% stats. If they are not compatable you lose 5%… 15% makes a big different (if they gain 10 and you lose 5).

        Once you have established your two main matchups then start trying to collect as many rares or combine uncommons to build up your KOTR tier. The super rare tier will give you a Super Rare card just for placing in the top 8 or a rare for just entering.

        The easier way to get rares is exhibition if you have a lot of free time. Just knock out matches and collect your rares. Save your rares and use them in KOTR instead of the poorly trained uncommons.

        As I stated above if you can combine uncommons and get your KOTR tier to Super rare you will get a rare card everyday via KOTR. So if you only log in once or twice a day this would be the way to go. slowly collect rares until you get a few you can combine after leveling.

        Once you get a decent squad for KOTR and have some free time You can start gaining Super rares pretty easy. I would not spend a lot of time trying to combine a lot of rares (its a total of 65 levels)… that takes way too long even if you have 1 hour a day to play.)

        I have entered in 4 KOTR’s (only been playing for about 6 days now) and I have placed top 2 three times.( I spent about an hour each day playing). This was my strategy.

        While I was playing exhibitions I was gaining energy and boosts. I waited until I had 5 energy cards and a few boosts before I started the first KOTR match. I of course put in the top 5 cards I had and most trained and filled the rest with cards that would bump my tier up as high as I could. I would let my cards play the first 3-4 battles while I was working. at break I logged in for about 5 minutes and used my energy on my squad. Then played a few matches got lucky got a energy and then logged off… after work I played several matches and got two more energy. and used them on my Diva and my tag team (best two non diva players) to try to and make it so I would win the two matches they were in, winning you the fight. As KOTR goes on, you can train your players and thier stats will update so mke sure you do that. However, you can NOT combine a card that is in KOTR. I did this for two KOTR and placed top 8 twice (lost in first round but who cares. I got Rey Mysterior and Alberto Del Rio. I leveled them up for a day then I entered in another KOTR with them in it as my tag team and took my other two best players as my solo fighters.

        Then I did same thing as before only I continued to save my boosts. I have 5 of each one after 4 days of playing. Once I got into the playoffs ( I was lucky it was not while I was sleeping) I let the first match roll with no boosts and full energy. The opponent lost and his players were not on full energy. So I saved my boosts again.

        Then on Semi Finals I used a boost the first two matches and made sure they had dull energy just because I wanted the two super rares for the bonus. I succeeded and actually won the last two KOTR’s I did cause I got lucky and the opponents didnt use boosts and energy was lower then mine. The only bad thing was I got 4x Big show as a reward (2 both times).

        I enetered in another one just now and am letting it just roll to see if maybe I can squek by and get a free rare hoping its a diva while Ievel my big shows up and try jumping to the next tier.

        A hint that seems to be working. Once you enter the Super Rare tier in KOTR equip crappy rated player as the subs when you can without dropping out of the Super Rare tier. The game seems to match you up with people with similiar TOTAL crad rating of all the cards on your team. So if you fill the starters up and just use common (grey) players for the bench then you will have easier opponents and make it easier to qualify.

        Once you establish a solid team I would make sure you save cards of these values, 3 Super Rare (normal not PP) maxed level (25), 1 Rare (normal not PP) level 1-5 card and 1 Uncommon PP (combined) Maxed Level (20). That will set you at the very top of the Super Rare + Tier. I have been fighting there for two days and rarely lose if you choose smart opponents on the list. SAVE SAVE SAVE your picks tho, do not use them, Then when you run out of energy or have 50 + picks add a super rare to the line up or a trained rare and bump up a tier to increase your chances at a super rare. After you use your picks change the player out again. Do this with any tier, make sure tho that you pick from the highest tier possilbe dont forget to switch before hand.

        Hope this helps, FknRite.


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