WWE SuperCard: How to Get Super Rare, Epic and Legendary Cards Faster


I am still enjoying my daily dose of WWE SuperCard, and after following the tips and tricks that I have already shared here, I am on a 93-4 run in exhibition mode and won two out of three King of the Ring championships. However, things are not as smooth and easy as we’d like them to be and in order to keep winning, we have to get super rare, ultra rare, epic and legendary cards in WWE SuperCard in order to have the best possible cards.

Getting Super Rare and above cards in the game is not easy and it requires a lot of sweat to be sent towards the game, and an extremely active player. But it’s something that can be done if you play the game smartly, and in this guide I will help you learn how to get super rare, ultra rare, epic and legendary cards in WWE SuperCard – faster and easier.

Upgrade your deck to Super Rare+ and above
The better your deck for the exhibition games, the greater your chances of getting a Super Rare and above card. You have a meter in the upper left corner that shows the combined power of your cards, and you should try to up it as fast as possible in order to increase the rewards that you will be getting. This is done by continuously training your cards. The bonus: trained cards have better chances of winning matches and therefore you will get more card picks in the Exhibition mode.

Play the Exhibition over and over again
In order to increase the chances of getting rare and better cards, you need to play the exhibition games like a maniac. In order to actually stand a chance at winning, some strategies can be used: for example, try to always pick the players with the least total game plays and most losses. This means that the player has worse cards and of lower level, so they are easier to beat. Keep playing these games in order to get your rewards and increase your Super Rare and better cards.

Win King of the Ring
The best and easiest way to get Rare and above cards is to keep winning King of the Ring championships. This is not an easy task because there are 50 games that have to be played and cards lose their value, but it can be done. You just have to be pretty much active and keep changing/replenishing the energy to have your wrestlers in their top form. Keep the boosts for the later stages, when you can use any advantage that you have. If you manage to win the KOTR championships, you are guaranteed Rare and above cards, depending on the tier you’ve been playing for. This is by far the easiest way to do it.

Buy cards with credits
The easiest way to get some Epic cards is to purchase them with real money. You can spend 100 credits to get a random Superstar card that can be all the way to Epic rarity. However, it cam be Common as well, so you will have to try at least a couple of times to get a great card. But if you really need that one superstar to boost up your team and win the matches like a pro, this is the easiest way there. If you are ready to spend in some real money, of course!

In the end, getting Super Rare to Legendary cards in WWE SuperCard is not the easiest task, but if you are active and play smart, you will soon have a great deck!

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WWE SuperCard: How to Get Super Rare, Epic and Legendary Cards Faster


  1. What a stupidly written article don’t waste your time reading it. He doesn’t give any tips on getting super rare card or legendary cards faster all he’s says is just play the game and idiot can figure that out.

    • Your a Duchebag who cant read obviously so u never should have wasted your time getting on the internet to try. I deffinitly read the awnser in his greatly written article and appreciate his info and time he took to write somthing to help other people for free.

  2. Hey Luciano i have a very juicy secret I will share with you about this game that hasnt been shared in any forums ive read on the net yet to thank you for writing your and helping me. My record is 125wins – 4losses and i will never encounter another loss now. Drop me your email and il send you the info to make u an elitE PLAYER

  3. No i didnt know about that glitch but i dont need it anyhow. Im 538 wins and 5 losses so im doing quite well without cheating. I have my own thing going for me i win ever King of the ring i enter good luck though

  4. ive never won a kotr or bought any cards and im at epic + just keep playing exhibition its simple enough once you get to epic kotr all you have to do is let your cards ride or even at ultra kotr. always train both cards fully before combining them or its a waste even having them and just be patient.

    • I am on legendary with fully trained natalya legendary and legendary tey mysterio and i am not really that good yet so just keep trying like i did

  5. The only thing this article says is that you need to play the game a lot. It doesn’t shed any real light on strategy. It wasn’t written well, just not a lot of information was shared.

    Side note, your a idiot for bragging about your record since you are playing against the computer and not against real people. King of the Ring is based on your deck, so you are always playing guys on the same level as you. It might take longer to level up but it doesn’t matter because you are competing against real people. This game is set up so that fans can collect cards. Maybe when they give an update that ranks you by record and not power of deck your 4 losses might actually mean something.

  6. Although i appreciate most of your comments. i genuinely find I tend to get diddilly squat in terms of cards when winning exhibition matches! Although on super rare ++ I still get mainly common cards!

  7. I’m on legendary+ deck tier and only pick common, thru super rare, and I’m getting fed up and irritated. My record is 1310 wins and 220 losses. need help, I only won 2/4 kotr’s and I have one wrestlemania card and 4 epics and struggle with winning

  8. this game is a waste of time sometimes playing, can get really annoying, win king of the ring multiple times only to receive same top cards as I have already, exhibition also the same too many rare cards, be nice to have a cheat with unlimited credit. so I can finally get some decent cards and finally up a level. as I’m on legendary level for ages now. winning lots but don’t seem to be getting no where higher really does my head in :( :( :(

  9. Sweet actual Jesus this entire article just basically says “play the game”. If you have skipped to the bottom and are reading this good for u now click back :)

  10. Hey these methods I have tried many times but still takes a lot of sweat to get legendary cards even though I m legendary+ I have only 4 legendary cards and I have got 1 from daily sign in.


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