If you are like us, you are certainly playing WWE Immortals until your iPad or iPhone battery goes completely dry, and if that’s the case, you probably have a fair opinion on who the best wrestlers in WWE Immortals are. However, I am sure that an extra opinion won’t hurt and that’s exactly why we are here: to share with you our own opinion on the best wrestlers in the game and the best WWE Immortals team setup to keep on winning those matches. Also make sure to check out our tips & tricks!

The truth is that until you reach the Daemon Kane character in the single player missions, you can basically cruise through the fights with any wrestlers that you have on hand. But once you get to Kane (and afterwards), things get a bit more complicated, and you really have to care about your team’s chemistry and the best wrestlers in the game.

If you are reading this before you start spending your heard earned coins, then you will probably do better than most of us who spent randomly and on stuff that wasn’t really necessary and you’ll get a great team in no time. And since the wrestlers are divided into different categories (Bronze, Silver and Gold), we’ll talk about them separately below. Obviously, in most cases, any Silver character is better than a Bronze one and any Gold wrestler is better than the Silvers.

But here are our favorite WWE Immortals wrestlers for your perfect team:

Paige (Dark Sorceress): You get her as a reward early in the game and I really love her. She has a good attack power and really nice skills: not only that her signature attack give her teammates faster Adrenaline regeneration, but it also drains the Adrenaline of her opponents, making her extremely useful.

Giant Big Show – He’s a real tank early on, and has that Big Landing advantage that is insanely useful (and increases as his health goes up).

Sheamus – I was reluctant to recommend him since he has some insanely low stats, or better said, very low health. But he deals a ton of damage and the extra speed that he grants to the team is extremely useful when it comes to blocking an incoming Special move or keep the hits going on your opponent.

Brie or Nikki Bella – each of these characters have decent stats, and one offers a 5% boost to health of their teammates, while the other one offers the same percentage as a damage boost. They are both great choices in my opinion.

However, when it comes to the Bronze tier, I believe that it’s best to deal with what you’ve got and save your coins for Silver coins or packs. Pretty soon, all your Bronze cards will become obsolete.

Which means that we’re moving to the Silver tier, where we have the following goodies:

Deadman Undertaker – he’s the obvious choice in my opinion. Even though he doesn’t deal a lot of damage, he has the ability to return from the dead after being KO’d, with 33% of his health and a full adrenaline bar. Now that can cause some serious damage!

Banshee Knight Paige: I am one of the big Paige fans in the game and I still believe she’s a great choice for a Silver wrestler. She continues to give an Adrenaline boost to her teammates which is really useful!

Soldier John Cena: He is clearly the best you can get in the silver tier, in my opinion. However, since his price is really high, he is not easy to get. But with great damage and health and 20% extra damage on his special attack after tagging in, he’s worth all the money.

All in all, any Silver character in your team gives you a huge boost, but if you can make the choice, the three above are in my opinion, the best.

And now we’re moving to the Gold characters. They will be extremely difficult to unlock and we haven’t tested them all yet at the moment of writing, but we still have some opinions on who’s the best:

King of Kings Triple H – he deals the most damage in the game, so he’s clearly a good guy to have in your team. He’s also the choice you should have for KOing opponents, since when he does so, all the remaining opponents lose Adrenaline!

Roman Reigns – Not the best stats, but once he’s below 40% health, he does 50% more damage, turning into a killing machine. Now it’s up to you to keep him alive for as long as possible!

Evolved John Cena – in a similar fashion to Roman Reigns, Cena gets a damage boos as he loses health. Packing a stronger punch is always good in my opinion, so go for him too if you have the means.

So these would be our recommended WWE Immortals wrestlers and team setups for all card tiers. Don’t forget though: any superior card is better than the lower tier ones, so if you don’t really want to grind so much to pick the card you want, you can go for a Booster Pack and hope to get lucky!

Who are your favorite wrestlers in the game? Let us know by commenting below!


  1. The best wrestler from WWE IMMORTALS is cleRly The Monstor Broxn Lesnar. Quick blocker and powerful puncher. He’s not that expensive. I Was dissapointed with The Deadman, he sucks BIG TIME!

  2. What about Roman Reigns bronze? I have him and Sheamus maxed out, and they do some phenominal damage. It seems like there is no love for Roman Reigns.

  3. John Cena(Evolved) is pretty decent, don’t let his low damage fool you, each time you lose a chunk of health you get a damage multiplier, up to x10, my Cena at lvl 50 does 17K damage per hit(assuming it’s a crit and having good tier gears)

    Randy Ortan(Evolved) He is one of my favorites at this current moment, his health may seem weak but his damage and damage over time far more than makes up for this. At level 25, his damage is at 22.5K while Lv50 John Cena(Evolved) is at 23K . Another amazing feature is that his light combo (which you have to swipe at the end) stuns the opponent, allowing you(if you are lucky) to chain hits until your opponent is KO’ed. The stun feature also allows you to chain signatures with your other characters without having the trouble of the opponent blocking. However, he can only be obtained from the gold packs requiring a lot of time and money to level him to elite 7.

    Also the current post is inaccurate on Roman Reigns, his 50% damage buff only lasts for a few seconds.

    Source: Me, I completed the game using John Cena(Evolved), Roman Reigns(Hound of Justice) and Triple H(King of Kings)

    Ps: At elite 7 and decent gear,(Lv25) Randy Ortan(Evolved) can solo the last bonus missions, so it’s well worth it.

  4. Bronze I go with Daniel Bryan Paige and roman silver: I like HHh Brock lesner (favorite character) the rock. Gold I got Bryan no movement skull king triple h and randy Orton evolved

  5. I go wit
    Bronze- randy, kane, Sheamus
    Silver- the rock, brock lesnar, ultimate warrior
    Gold- evolved randy amd jonh cena, roman reigns
    Or undertaker

  6. Clearly the best team is cyborg lesnar, evolved orton, and skull king hhh. They are all alies and when there legendary 7 there all phenomenal and can each solo any match they please.

  7. My team is Randy Orton evolved, Dean ambrose lunitic fringe, and macho man macho king. Ambrose fights like he’s lvl 50 and his ability deals 300 more percent of damage and ko’s them in a flash. 4 basic hits can kill a silver person and 10 kills a gold. Randy poisons them where they can’t move and racho increases the whole teams adrenaline gain and can help the team gain the finsher move.

  8. i do not have all 3 golds ;-; BUT i have 2 so here is my team
    Paige – Adrelaine Taker and gainer
    Big show – Soaks up ALL of the damage
    Kane – Burns are pretty OP
    Silver- (i have 2 good silvers)
    Brie Bella – I dont really use her … so yeah
    Stepanie Macmahon – The Abillity is OP . like 100 % damage boost O.O
    John Cena – My Dmage Disher . Just get my 100 % Buff and a five knuckle shuffle with abillity maxed one shots gold players.
    Golds – (i hav only 2)
    Daniel Bryan – With him i bassically jujst keep swiping and kill the opponent
    Roman reigns – i just got him and boy is he good. 100% buff + 40 % + Opponent doomed

    I am now aiming for the HHH,Cena and Reings combo

  9. Well the best 3 gold characters are ( Dashing rough John Cena – conqueror Brock Lesnar – Johnny Cage ) so basically making a team on them is the best thing to do… I know they all are reveals but make them elite 7 and u will find the game to boring because u will keep winning and nothing will stop you ! :)

  10. I honestly think that evolved Daniel Bryan is the best right next to skull king thriple H and evolved seth rollins even if Seth is a jackass in wwe

  11. well if you use the big show enlightend you can tag out and keep on getting life back but if the big show gets knocked out then it sucks

  12. I got some advise for all of you who suck keep on buying your same charaters so you can make them stronger but most of you know that I guess and you can finally when but most of you know that so. but any of you who is reading this I recommend you to play wwe immortals it is fun

  13. honestly, try using cena(evolved), lunatic fringe and hound of justice. All 3 of them have perfect chemistry together, they also have beast special abilities.

  14. I think undertaker gold evolved randy orton and enlightened big show is an awesome team because undertaker has loads of health and his ability increases his low attach to very high if 2 characters are knocked out and if hes running low on health just tag in enlightened big show and it heals him

  15. Stone cold steve austin is the best everytime… he is the game savor at times… plus brock lesnar… i can win any fight if i have these two in my time.. big show is a big disappointment

  16. Johnny cage is good for team because he deals 1,250 damage with 850 helth (at lvl 1), plus with his star power he can use finishers in only 2 tag ins and use signicture two in one tag in only. Plus his finisher has a 10% chance to bring back KO’d teamates

  17. My Dream Team is
    (Mad Scientist) Bray Wyatt- Has that ability that takes him from no health to 75, then 50, the 25 then hes dead
    (Enlightened) Big Show- Has the ability, when he switches in he give whole team 1% health boost
    (Conqueror) Brock Lesnar- When he uses Special 2 his ability kicks in and he can use 2nd Special for 10 seconds with out losing stamina and its called Suplex City

  18. My team
    Gold Ultimate warrior(packed), he has the highest attack for a buy able character.
    Enlightened big show(packed),just too op, can withstand almost any thing.
    Evolved Daniel Bryan, great all round stats
    So I just keep thrashing the opponent with ultimate warrior and Bryan and when they get low I just keep subbing big show in

  19. My favourite Team is Evolved Roman Riegns, Dashing Rogue John Cena and the Lunatic Fringe Dean Ambrose.
    While Roman has the highest attack and Cena as the Health Tank of this team, the lunatic’s ability (Lunatic Rage) is what finishes the the opponents team in the END!!!!

  20. I think Skull King Triple H is the best invthe game. His stats when you unlock him are above 1000, both heal and damage. Plus, he seems to level up quicker than other people in the game.

  21. Best team:
    Lunatic Fringe Dean Ambrose High Damage Dealing +No Damage from Basic Attacks

    Renegade Macho Man To Drain Adrenaline( If he has full adrenaline, use SP1 3 times to drain nearly two bars of adrenaline if your opponent has full adrenaline.)+High Health

    Jungle Ultimate Warrior Maxed Finisher Damage=100k

  22. Gears Recommended:
    DA:Hell in a Cell,Clash of Champions,Royal Rumble
    MM:Great Balls of Fire,No Mercy,Backlash
    UW:Chairman’s Suit,DX War Tank,Extreme Rules


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