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WWE Immortals Cheats: Tips & Strategy Guide to Win All Fights

WWE Immortals Cheats: Tips & Strategy Guide to Win All Fights
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The highly anticipated WWE Immortals game has been finally launched and even though it’s basically Injustice: Gods Among Us with wrestlers, it still manages to deliver a top notch experience and I am sure that most WWE and brawling fans are extremely pleased with the result. We are here to help those in need of some advice with some WWE Immortals cheats and tips for a complete strategy guide that will help you win all fights and unlock all wrestlers as fast as possible.

So if you got stuck or you simply want to improve your game a little bit, read on for Touch Tap Play’s WWE Immortals tips and cheats and your game will surely improve.

Master the single player game
I know that your first impulse will be to jump into the online matches as soon as you unlock them, but hold on for a little longer and make sure that you master the mechanics of the game in the single matches. You can go for quite a while in the single matches without getting stuck, so practice a lot and learn how all characters work.

Learn your wrestlers’ Adrenaline Rush Moves
It is extremely important to know what each of your Adrenaline Rush moves looks like and if there are any advantages. Some wrestlers come with an “adrenaline drain” after performing their special attack and that is insanely useful since it basically eats up a ton of your opponent’s Adrenaline meter. Since these attacks can cause a ton of damage, taking your opponent’s chance to use them is huge!

Learn to block
Always keep an eye on the Adrenaline bar of your opponents and always be ready to block it out because yes, you can block the special attacks. Usually, when the bar is almost full, I enter a complete defense mode until the opponent wastes their special attack. Also, look out to block incoming tags since usually as soon as a new wrestler comes into play, they will use a special attack.

Complete the daily quests in online modes
Check out the daily quests in the online mode and try to complete them each day for super rewards and quick progress through the levels. Plus, they give you an extra challenge to compete at your best!

Have in mind the team bonuses
Initially, you will not have a ton of WWE Immortals wrestlers to choose from, but slowly you will build up your army. When you do, always have in mind who the allies and the rivals of the wrestlers in your team are and experiment for the best results: allies increase health and defense, while rivals decrease defense but increase the adrenaline fill meter. Test and try for the best strategies out there!

Upgrade your wrestlers
Ideally, you will have six good wrestler cards and upgrade them over and over again to get the most out of them. You can upgrade them with cards that you buy from the store or directly spend coins upgrading them. I would recommend going for a mixture of both since a lot of luck is involved in the store option, but the single upgrades cost more. I would personally suggest to upgrade the Adrenaline Move to each character once and unlock the second one ASAP (although in online matches you won’t really get the chance to get that far!) and then focus on the talents. The more upgrades you have, the better you will do in battles.

Replay stages to level up wrestlers
The easiest way to level up your newly recruited wrestlers (or to simply keep on pumping XP into your existing ones) is to grind levels: play the easier stages over and over again and pretty soon you will have a top army of wrestlers.

How to attack
Although blocking is extremely important in WWE Immortals, attacking is what wins matches and I believe that the best approach is to go with the quick attacks (one tap) then wait for the opportunity for special attacks, where you have to swipe in a specific direction and perform them flawlessly. If you go for powerful attacks, you are not only slower, but you will always fail to perform the special attacks when they appear on the screen. So from my personal experience, going for the quick attacks and waiting for the strong ones is the way to go.

These would be for now out tips and tricks for WWE Immortals. If you managed to find any cheats or you have extra advice, let us know by commenting below!

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WWE Immortals Cheats: Tips & Strategy Guide to Win All Fights


  1. PAIGE (the first one you can get) HAS A LITERAL JAB INFINITE

    IF YOU GET YOUR TIMING Right, you can continuously jab the AI without it counting as a combo but fast enough so that the AI can’t retaliate.

    This doesn’t work on Special moves however as they have ‘armour’ (preventing the flinch state that usually occurs.)

  2. @ThatGuyRik, is there a trick to timing your block? Sometimes I miss it, more often than not, and I was expecting there to be a sound or something, that would make timing easier, but I can’t reallt get my head around it, so I often end up missing a block or spending a lot of time blocking to prepare for the opponent using the special skills.

    • I dont listen to sound or anything.. i just keep an eye on the adrenaline meter bcoz when its full thats when ure opponent is most likely to attack special skill.. I sometimes miss it.. but I’m better now than before.. umm also when they tag someone in, they are also most likely to use it so just get ready and block :) hope that helped (I’m not a professional or anything, just an ordinary gamer.. lol so its up to you if you want to take my advice or not hehe)

    • I honestly have the same problem.. until just now. And so, i dont know techniques or anything but what I did is I used Kane (level 17), Paige (17) and undertaker (8).. umm I think the trick is to stay alive longer because your opponent seems to regenerate life. It would be a help having undertaker or sheamus.. also, learn blocking as well.. blocking can be very tricky.. just keep an eye on your opponent’s adrenaline meter, coz once its full they will most likely use a signature and so you wanna prepare and get ready to block! I hope that helps :) I’m on challenge 3 right now :) Good luck! :)

  3. Yes it makes them stronger. For example randy Orton starts at 229 attack, every randy Orton upgrade will add 229 attack. Upgrades are capped at 7 so don’t buy a character and try selling it back you won’t make your money back


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