Mdickie, the creators of the popular Hard Life prison sim have just launched Wrestling Revolution 3D, an extremely ambitious wrestling simulation game that will certainly turn a lot of gamers into diehard fans. With extremely complicated mechanics and a ton of things to do, the game might seem discouraging for some, but if you give it a chance, you will get to love it. And we are here to help you out a bit by sharing with you a complete set of Wrestling Revolution 3D cheats and tips to create the ultimate wrestler.

So if you want to start winning more matches and become a true champion, waste no time and read our Wrestling Revolution 3D tips and cheats for the iPhone and iPad game by Mdickie!

Explore a lot
It might sound silly to start off with a “tip” like this one, but it’s really the only thing that I can start with: the game has so many options and features and hidden things and so on, that you will always be surprised to find something new. So explore, try everything in the game, try picking up the strangest objects, try out all the possible combinations when attacking, running and attacking and so on. There’s a ton of things to discover and chances are, no matter how much you have played the game, you still haven’t experienced them all yet!

Speed up the game
The game’s options offer you a lot of customization options, and you should start by increasing the speed. The default is 100%, but the game is a bit low at that speed. Set it up to at least 150% and the game will move in a more natural manner.

Learn the controls
Although there are simply a ton of control combinations you have to master, start with learning the basics. Here’s a short recap of the basic controls:

A = Attack (with a direction to aim high, without to aim low)
G = Grapple
R = Run
P = Pick-Up / Drop (with a direction to throw)
T = Taunt / Pin / Referee duties
EYE = Change focus / Turn opponent around
HEALTH METER = Switch character
CLOCK = Pause / Change camera angle

Customize your wrestler with fast moves
The thing you should do when selecting your wrestler’s moves is to always opt for the ones that have the fastest animation. The slower and more complex the move is, the more difficult for your wrestler to pull it out. So go for quick animations which will help you tremendously in the game and give you the advantage.

Training is not optional
You might want to get straight into the action, but the training is a must play in this case, otherwise you will be left pretty clueless as what to do during the fights. And trust me, there’s a ton of things you can do!

Pick up objects
If you can do it, leave the ring as fast as possible and search for some objects – bats, microphone, anything and pick them up to hit your opponents. You will not only look way cooler, but you will also cause more damage.

Nice and easy wins the match
I know that the more complex moves are looking a lot better, and the grabs and rolls and jumps are simply awesome, but they’re also pretty difficult to pull off, so go mostly for basic attacks until you get the hang of the game and can perform the more complex moves easily. Take advantage of the Special mode whenever it’s triggered, since your wrestler is better during that time and you will win more events than you used to!

These would be for now our Wrestling Revolution 3D cheats and tips for this extremely complex game. I am sure that there are many things to be added, so comment below!


  1. I came here looking for some cheats to use for the game. I was already playing the 2d version so i didn’t need any of these beginner tips. And about the chetas, there are no cheats in here!

    • Uh bro I usually don’t do submission so just take out of the ring 123456789 and 10!!!!! You have to stop from entering the ring until the refree counts to 10 but only if strict rules.

  2. If you want to tag in ur partner just go near the side ur partner is standing and u have to stop moving ur player will automatically tag in his or her partner in.

  3. Whenever I pin someone i can never get a 3. I get their health to the lowest and use my special move the pin them straight after but i still only get a 1 or a 2. Also the same with submissions if can’t win with them either. I’m new to this game and I’m a big noob. Any help would be great

    • For example your character is trojon force (roman reigns) is in all American wrestling please touch on the all American wrestling beside your character there you can see all characters in all American wrestling if jimi serra (john cena) is champion please touch (grapple) on your character roman reigns take down your character to John cena then you will have a tittle match

    • Wait till you have a non scheduled fight or go ahead a few weeks, Then double tap to book your fight. You will then go to the character with the title and request a shot at the title. He may decline your offer depending on match set up, date of fight, or if he’s just an A-hole and says something like “everybody wants a shot at my title get in line” this is for 3D version hope it’s helpful!

    • Go to training session there are 2 options manual and automated please select automated then he can increase what ever you want

  4. I don’t like names of superstars Jay enrico(Chris jericho) trojan force(Roman reigns) slam dunk(CM punk).there is no codebreaker(finisher of Y2J) which was awesome and I like.Please update this

    • For gifted austin : are you F*****g fool?! >_<. They were there . OK, the Zig-Zag is a soon added move but the sister abigail exist as Kiss of Death. And the Zig-Zag can be found at rear moves or at the running ones. ^√^

  5. I came here looking for some cheats to use for the game. I was already playing the 2d version so i didn’t need any of these beginner tips. And about the chetas, there are no cheats in here!

    • hold ur opponent near the rope and do a suplex or a slingshot(feet) towards the rope.If he survives on the apron wait for him to stand up and do a running attack(I like the front dropkick) and there.Do the same thing if he still survives

  6. @Name:suraj take them out of the ring and then keep hitting them with weapons and that, you can also win by doing this if you keep them there to the count of 10, but you might have to get up on the ring then get down again, best to do that when they are down.

    • U press hire talent then u press what ever company u manage , then u press on that wrestler and u can release them from there contract , but just note the more they get paid and the longer there contract the more compensation they will ask for. .. glad i could help

  7. Xscape , u press hire talent then u go on to what ever company u manage then u press that person and u can release them from there contract , but just note the more they are paid and the longer they have left on the contract the more compensation they will ask for !!! Glad i could help

  8. How can I revive my character? My character is already dead. But if play shows my character sometimes come. As if that he is still alive. So how can I use my character back at career?

    • Fist you must have both pro and backstage pass.if you have than click on UNIVERSE in main menu of game.And then click on EDIT ROSTERS. Now click on search logo in right upper corner .Now click on first character of your wrestler s name. For example if your character s name is john cena then click on J . Now find your wrestler s name in list and then click on it. Your wrestler comes in legend roster so you have to put them back into your roster.for this long press on your wrestler s name logo and drag it into legend logo.Now click the logo of roster that you want as my advice you must click ALL AMARICAN WRESTLING roster . Now restart your wrestling career and select ALL AMARICAN WRESTLING then select your wrestler in list of wrestlers. Goodbye rain this is for you

  9. I just need to play my character again. Help anyone. He died in injury in game. Help. Is there any cheats,codes or something to do or download. Please inform me. You can help a lot. Help please.

    • Go to edit roaster, click the magnifying glass, look for our character name it should be under a roaster called legend(its for the dead wrestler) click and hold on your character then drag him to the roaster logo, this should display all the logo. Click on any logo of your choice and he will automatically enter that logo .

  10. If you want to book your own matches find a time slot when there is no match determined double tap on the icon and and select superstar from the roster to book a match. If they refuse at first make the same offer again for the same date and they should accept.

    • You should have been buyed both backstage pass and pro licence then go to universal and edit roster then you can change but if u cant afford it…then you have to perform well in ur current roster fights then there are some chances that their meating can be with u and u can go to AAW.

  11. My character name is trojon force (roman reigns ) his voice is coming in lady voice how to change it i changed his height 6.6 to 7 feet then his voice change please say how it turns to male voice

  12. to counter a attack i cant lol…opoonents counters my attack but icant how to? and also i have lost my weight,i am skinny how can i be body builder again??? please tell

  13. Without pro license we can go in another brand
    1.Hire a player from another brand
    2.Start new booking career and select that player that hired from another brand
    3.Make him manager of federation online
    4.Then click on universe restore defaults.
    5.That player becomes head of that brand that he/she poached

    I hope you will try

  14. and how i can attack my oppnent with springboard?
    my character is slim,but him can’t attack his opponent with springboard
    please help me…

  15. How do I make my character lose weight (I also may have taken steroids at one point but, that was beacuse my character had a career threatening injury).

  16. I liked this game very much. In this game, i became an expert (knowing all moves, attacks, making own match etc.) And i have never lost any matchs.
    —-Requesting to Developers—-
    “”Can there a feature of bring or move many other rosters (wrestler) to other branches (AAW) where i most like to play ????””
    “”Can you add many other moves like – knock out (perform G, then T)””???
    And the last one —
    “”while performing T (finisher), Can you add two different moves in same time (only for T button)”” like –
    Example — I want to perform 1st- spear then 2nd tombstone piledriver.
    Or 1st- shoulder knee strike then 2nd shoulder face drop.

    In this time, i used to always check update of this wrestling revolution 3d game for added moves or other features.

  17. this is really a fake game because there is no real tattoos no real titels no main events like summer slam, wrestlemania ,raw,smack down,no real theme songs no real names of wrestlers no more submission moves like deadlock.its nice game but not real

  18. Hi guys i have a big question which no where answer that…if u do i appreciate it…how can i choose a special name for my tah teams…for example once i had the memeber of evolution but no name for that unfortuently…thank you

  19. If i modify Wrestling Revolution 3d on android would I lose all my previous data history pro license backstage pass etc Is there a way I can still modify without losing my previous data let me know please

  20. mat dickie plz bring online version to federation online so we can have match with real person.and bring more moves and finisher of wwe plz.more wrestlers of 2017 also bring plz

  21. (Just saying) there’s this glitch where if you lose a match and you want a redo you can press the button where it shows the recent apps you’ve been on (square button on androids) and all you do is remove the wrestling revolution tab from it
    (don’t go back into the app before you remove it or it won’t work) and then you go to the home screen and enter the app go into career and press continue and then press proceed and you’ll be back in the match you were in but it will restart.
    Check out my YT channels(CheatingMobiles 18) and my other one (GoldenAxe YT) also only works for mobile not PC duces


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