Hard Time Cheats, Tips & Guide (Mobile Game by Mdickie)


Hard Time (Prison Sim) is a really strange and unique mobile game that doesn’t tell us much in terms of what we have to do and how to do it. Therefore, I have decided to create this Hard Time cheats and tips article that will act as a guide for you and tell you everything you need to know about how to play the game and how to get the most out of everything.

Because otherwise there’s a lot of figuring out that you have to do on your own. So let’s start checking out the Hard Time cheats and guide below and hope that you’ll get out of jail really soon!

1. Remember your cell number
When you first join the prison, the warden tells you your cell number – make sure you remember it, because that’s where you have to be over the night.

If you somehow fail to remember it, try to interact with other cell mates and some of them will address you by the cell number. Also, pay attention to the dialogs because every now and then you will be moved to a new cell.

2. Sleep a lot
You do have to sleep a lot to regenerate your stats and sometimes the whole night is not enough. So make sure that you get enough sleep during the day too.

3. Use the toilets
Try to learn where the closest toilet is and always be ready to go there. Your character will have the need to go to the toilet once per day and if you fail to get there, things will get messy and you will lose reputation. In order to use the toilet, simply walk next to it and tap the up button until you sit on it.

4. Use weapons
Fists and combos might be great, but they are difficult to use. A lot easier is to get a sword or other long, sticky object and use it as a weapon to send your opponents to the other world. It lacks the finesse, but it does the job.

5. Make money easily
The easiest way to make money is to get cigarettes on the floor and walk around near other prisoners.

Eventually, one will make an offer to purchase it. Just make sure no warden sees you – you’re not allowed to have cigarettes in the prison and you might get extra jail time.

6. Learn the combos
It takes time to learn them and master them, but there are actually a ton of kicks and grabs and attacks that you can perform.

Run and hit the A button for a super attack, and try attacking while pressing different directional arrows. You will have different attacks each time – learn to use the best of them.

7. Stay away from gangs
A golden rule of thumb is not to mess with the prison gangs at first because they will seek revenge and destroy you.

If you happen to attack a cell mate and he says that he’s from whatever gang, go to a different room to get rid of him.

You need gangs on your side – to join them. In order to do so, attack adversaries of the gangs and eventually you will be invited to join.

8. Eat constantly (but not too much)
Every day you can go to the mess hall and eat. However, there is all sort of food scattered around the prison, so you don’t really have to go there to do it. Just make sure that you don’t eat too much or you will puke, lose all the benefits of being well fed and some reputation.

9. Correction in front of everyone
The easiest way to gain reputation is to start beating the living hell out of a person (preferably warden) while other prisoners are watching.

This will quickly increase your reputation, but make sure that if you start a job, you complete it especially when it comes to wardens. And make sure there are no other guards around to tackle you and increase your sentence.

These are the tips and tricks that we have to share with you right now for Hard Time for iOS and Android, the prison sim game by mdickie.

Do you have other tips and strategies to share with fellow players? Let us know by commenting below – and make sure to read all the comments for valuable new tips and tricks from our readers.

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Hard Time Cheats, Tips & Guide (Mobile Game by Mdickie)


    • Sorry I couldn’t find the comment button so I’mma just reply to John, but if you’re always getting in trouble and getting sent to the court room and the judge rules in favor of the arresting officer then simply close the app and keep doing this until you win the case

  1. How do i make fire? I always see some inmates who walks whit burning objects in their hands, but i don’t know how to light up something, and i have some TNT which i would love to make explode ;)

        • If u kill evryone in the main hall and set ur sleep time to speed up in the options u can sleep through ur time in prison thats wat I did and theh let me out after u served ur time just walk up to a warden and stand there hell tell u ur time is up and offer to let u out if he doesnt offer u to be a warden just commit a petty crime and lose in court if ur lucky then serve ur time and they should ask u to be a warden

          • That’s what I did but I did it in the bathroom there I less people trying it in the main hall more chance of getting yourself killed but I just slept through it then after 5 days I was beating up a civilian cause I wanted his motorcycle and the prison guard from inside the gate asked me if I wanted to be one an I say yes an I climbed over the fence and I’ve been a warden ever since

    • YA what I did is dig a hole in my cell block after escaping I found a house walked in, there was a room with a bed and I slept the time left on my sentence(time goes fast when sleeping)the reason why its harder to sleep it out in jail is because the guards and mates will hit you and wake you up every time. after finishing the sentence go back to your cell by the same hole you entered and a guard will walk up to you telling that your time is up. Now that you are a citizen get into jail again by climbing fence or hole wait a bit and a guard will ask you to join…Good luck!

  2. When I’m creating a sim it really annoy me that I’m a girl and i want me sim to look like me but when I change the gender to female she has no shape like one she look like the big stronge men she has no breast like a female and I don’t see any button for that.Please help me out

  3. If you are in the hospital (south of west block, east of south block and north of the exercise yard) and you sleep in a bed yet won’t annoy you at all, since it is a hospital you are allowed to sleep throughout the day, without the need of killing everyone. Also, if you walk around, some wardens will ask you to do a favor, ranging from killing someone, to getting someone a specific item, if you do as try ask before a certain time they take off a day of your sentence and your reputation goes up. If you are in the main hall, just sleep by te telephones, when one of them rings wake up and answer it, most of the time they are favors and they will give 100 In-game money, other times it is your lawyer and you also have to do a favor and sometimes they will halve your sentence or just take off a day. If you are lucky it will be a guy asking for the rights to make a movie about your life of crime, in which they would pay you around 2k and boosting your rep by about 5.

    Sources: I’m a pro at this game

  4. when ever your person is about to die before the entire screen goes black, quickly double tap the home button and close the app then reopen it and your character will still be alive, although if you do the same thing that got you killed the first time then you will have to keep doing this over and over again

  5. that movie rights thing yeah it’s actually 2.8K and that happened to me twice in the same day and it u hold a shovel and hold the t button it will dig a hole leading to either somewhere outside of the prison or somewhere else inside of the prison

    • As far as I know, you can only say yes to the movie rights and stuff once… But every time they offer the price will go up! (I accepted at a pathetic $700…)

    • Wait for your sentence to be over and then a warden will ask you if you would like to leave the prison. Say yes, you are a civilian now. After some time another warden will ask you if you would like to be a warden. If you say yes you are a warden, if you say no you are a civilian

    • As far as I know, you can’t pick someone yourself… I just gotta wait for someone decent to notice me… (But beware: being all romantic and telling someone you love them will result in -10 rep points!)

    • i’m a guy and got confess to by alot of guys they said “i dont know if it because im in here but i think im in love with you can we get serious” i said no

  6. Haha , what I did was take a dumb bell , broom, book , a weapon , a toilet, and a coffin to the chapel and just killed everyone who went in. I never left and got out of prison. And when I killed people I kept beating them to get my reputation up.

  7. Adhesion u can be a civil or ward without VIP just serve sentence and u will get to choose. Sonny selenium u can get VIP for free but you have to hack and download a file.

  8. While trying to customize my character I am seeming to have a problem with gender. Each time I play this game my character never takes form of a women. It will say female but still looks like a man. What do I do? How do I fix this?

  9. I liked this girl in Hard Time, she once said I was cute and wanted to make out with me, I said yes! We kissed everytime we see each other, but one day I accidentally peed in front of her! She arrested me! After that, she never kiss me again!! Everytime she sees me, she kicked me or even hit me!! I really want her back!! Any Tricks??? Please help!!

  10. easiest way to finish sentence:
    sentence was 30 days killed people got 150 more. threw dynamite at warden it didnt go off so i ran and was wanted for terrorism. at court they dismissed my sentence now im a warden.

  11. At night go in your jail cell with a shovel. Once u get inside it should close. If you want to bring guns or food have that in the cell. When it is night dig and u might get out. Weight till night when cell door closes so gard can’t get u


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