The highly successful third entry of the Worms series, Worms 3, is now available for a reduced price on the App Store.

The game developed by Team 17 is now available for purchase for only $0,99, which is an excellent price, considering how fun the game actually is.


Worms 3 has received a new update earlier this year, introducing some new features that improved and enhanced the game considerably. The new update introduced cloud saving so to allow gamers to play on different devices with the same save file. Another nice addition included in the new update is support for iOS 7 compatible controllers, giving gamers more controls options.

The Worms series has been created by Team 17 19 years ago, with the original game getting released on Commodore Amiga and PC. The overall gameplay experience hasn’t changed much during the years, with later entries only improving on it with new features. In the Worms games, players will have to defeat a team of opposing worms by using a really varied arsenal. The game is not played in real time, though, allowing the team to center the gameplay experience on the strategic elements.

Worms 3 is now available for purchase on the App Store.




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