The latest iOS entry of the long running Worms franchise has received a new update which introduces some fan requested features. Who says that developers never listen to their fans?

The new Worms 3 update, available for download right now, adds a couple of features that will make fans of the game quite happy. Added to the game is cloud saving so that you can now use the same save file across iPhone and iPad. The Worms will probably be more happier than the players, considering it’s going to be less wasted bullets and less deaths among their ranks.

Another fan requested features has been added into the mix. Following the update you will be able to play the game with iOS 7 compatible controllers. A game like Worms works pretty nicely with touch controls, to be honest, but it’s always better to be given more options in any game.

Worms is one of the longest running franchises still active. The first entry of the series has been released 19 years ago on Commodore Amiga and PC, before being ported on several other platforms.

The basic gameplay premise hasn’t changed much over the years. Players will control teams of Worms trying to take down an opposing team with a variety of weapons. Since the game is not played in real time, gamers will have plenty of time to aim and hit their opponents, with the strategic elements being real meat of the game.

Worms 3 is now available for download on the App Store. The latest update is now available as well.



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