The highly anticipated The Witcher Battle Arena has finally been released on iOS and I am really happy to see that it’s an incredibly nice game, one that gets insanely addictive extremely fast. But we are not here to praise the game even though we have all the right reasons to do so, but instead we’ll talk about Witcher Battle Arena cheats, tips and ultimately a strategy guide that will hopefully help you win as many battles as possible and be as helpful as possible for your team.

And since The Witcher Batle Arena is such an incredibly complex game, we have decided to split this strategy guide into more chapters – starting with the most common tips and tricks and moving up to more and more advanced mechanics. Therefore, everybody can benefit from it, indefinitely of their level. But enough talking! Let’s check out Touch Tap Play’s Witcher Battle Arena cheats and tips below!

1. Master your characters in Practice mode
There’s no real tutorial in this game and the only way to learn how the game is best played and how your different characters work is to play the Practice matches. You will play against AI opponents and the level of challenge won’t be similar to that of PvP games, but if you go into battle without knowing what to do, you’re just wasting time!

2. Don’t rush to PvP
The nice thing about the game is that it still gives you XP points even if you play offline. So don’t rush into PvP mode just yet – after testing all your starting characters in the Practice mode and getting the hang of the game, go into Coop vs. AI. This allows you to see how other human players behave, but still offers an easy experience. Finally, when you have completed a couple more matches in this mode go with your leveled up characters into real PvP where all the fun is!

3. Master a character
Each character in the game has different stats and has a different strategy that works when playing him or her. Test them all out and find your favorite, then lock them before the game starts to make sure that you play as them. The more you play a specific character, the more experience it will get and the better you will get at ruling the game with them. Just have in mind that you won’t always be able to lock the character you want!

4. It’s all about conquering the pillars
Really, the game is all about conquering and getting a hold of the pillars (the Control Points) – the first team that reaches zero points loses the game and the more pillars your team has, the faster the score of your enemy drains. So make that your priority and try to guide your teammates into that direction: you need the pillars!

5. Work as a team
This is not a game where individuals will shine. Work as a team or you will be doomed to fail. If your teammates don’t follow you around, try to follow their lead! Don’t forget that three warriors will capture a pillar way faster than a single one. Plus, you can use the special attacks together and blow the incoming forces around. If you all stick together in the game, you have way better chances to win the match.

6. Don’t forget to buy equipment
It’s extremely important to spend all the in-game currency that you have to purchase extra equipment during the games (that’s the currency that doesn’t get carried away anyway, so there is no point in keeping it!). There are three areas that you can upgrade: attack, defense and power. You should Find the best skills to upgrade for your character, although usually going for the armor first is the best way to go because you will last longer in battle. But try out different strategies and you will easily find the thing that works best for you.

7. Refill your special items
You can easily refill your special items (although they still have a cooldown time) by simply walking over the special areas on the map (they are marked with yellow). Having the potions and bombs refilled is the best route for you in order to get the upper hand in battle and destroy your enemies easier.

8. Know what each skill does
Each character has three skills or special attacks that they can use in battle and you should always know exactly what each of them does and how it works. Some attack a specific area, so if there’s nobody there they make little sense. Other slow down opponents or have other effect – make sure you know what happens whenever you activate one of the three special attacks or the passive one (the Exclamation mark) and you’re all set!

9. Unlock new characters
You can buy new characters the fast way or the smart way. The fast way means that you have to pay real cash for them, but if you are smart and play often, you can raise enough silver coins to unlock them all. It’s fun to play, anyway, so why not follow this route? Any new character costs 700 silver coins and you should get them first instead of new skins or basically anything else.

10. Don’t forget to equip your characters
You will win random loot from completing battles in any mode, so make sure that you equip them as soon as you have them. Also, make sure you replace the equipment you already have with better stuff. Finally, don’t forget to use the skill points that you have to upgrade your character.

These are our basic tips and tricks for The Witcher Battle Arena, we’re go more in detail with more advanced strategies in the second part, so make sure to check back soon or share your strategies with us below!

UPDATE: Click here to check out our second part of the Strategy guide with some advanced strategies for the game!


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