Will the Dead By Daylight Winter Bone Chill Event be Coming to Mobile?


Dead By Daylight on console and PC has been lucky enough to get a fun new update for the holidays: The Bone Chill Event. The update brings colorful lights around lockers, hooks, and generators, and spooky-looking Snowmen to interact with. By interacting with the Snowmen in certain ways, players are rewarded with random holiday-themed charms and cosmetics. But is it going to be available on Dead By Daylight Mobile?

The Bone Chill Event in Dead By Daylight

Survivors can hide silently inside the randomly placed creepy Snowmen that can be found around the map. Once inside, they can creep very slowly but not interact with anything until they jump out—however, when they jump out of the Snowman, it is destroyed!

Hide in a Snowman in Dead by Daylight (via DeadByDaylight.com)

To gain rewards throughout the Bone Chill Event, survivors can hide in a Snowman while being chased, be hit while inside a Snowman, or escape while inside a Snowman. The Killer can earn a reward by hitting a Survivor when they are inside a Snowman. When they successfully do one of these tasks, they end up with a blueish sparkle around them and gain a reward when the game ends.

dead by daylight sweaters bonechill
Dead By Daylight Ugly Sweaters (via DeadByDaylight.com)

The reward gained is random and can be one of the following:

  • An ugly Christmas sweater for Yun-Jin Lee, Mikaela Reid, or Jonah Vasquez
  • Christmas-themed cosmetics for Hag or Wraith
  • Frosty eyes for Trickster or The Artist
  • Three different charms to hang off your belt or Hook
Cosmetics for Wraith or Hag during the Bonechill Event (via DeadByDaylight.com)

There are also daily log-in rewards of Bloodpoints, Iridescent Shards, and Rift Fragments.

Unfortunately, there is no sign of this event coming to the mobile version of the game. If there was going to be a Bone Chill Event for Dead By Daylight Mobile, the devs would probably have announced it by now. Sad news for mobile players of the game!

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Will the Dead By Daylight Winter Bone Chill Event be Coming to Mobile?


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