Dead by Daylight Lisa Sherwood Guide: How to Play The Witch

Below, you will find a killer guide for the game Dead by Daylight. We will describe how to play Lisa “The Witch” Sherwood to her full potential. Let’s start!

Lisa Sherwood’s Strengths Guide

Her main advantage is the signs that she can place anywhere. While playing as Lisa, place signs at each generator (10 signs are given for the game, and there are much fewer generators), and then just keep track of the survivors that approach them. If Lisa has an add-on for moving around the entire map (teleport), then this will make her the most dangerous and unpredictable killer.

It will not be beneficial for the survivors to help each other if the totem is not destroyed. Rescuing a character from the hook, in this case, can result in serious damage.

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Lisa Sherwood’s Weaknesses in Dead by Daylight

A witch of short stature, Lisa can see no higher than the survivor’s shoulder. Thus, the view is greatly reduced. Players controlling the Witch will be very unlucky if they find themselves in a cornfield or other map with tall grass.

However, Lisa can also use her height to her advantage. It will be difficult for the survivors to see her, especially in a location with tall grass. Yes, the survivors will hear the beating of the heart, but they will not be able to pinpoint where exactly Lisa is coming from.

After moving, a micro stun is present. If the survivor sprints, they will easily disappear from sight. In this case, the stun lasts no more than 2 seconds. On the other hand, the following dependence is observed: the further Lisa was from the trap, the smaller the stun will be. 

Lisa can teleport to a distance of no more than 32 meters. Finally, her movement speed is slower than most of the other killers, but she is still faster than the Nurse.

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