Call of Duty Mobile is probably one of the finest FPS games on mobile as of now. It has everything you can ask for in a mobile game – cool characters, elaborate weapon collection, and loads of maps to go gunning.

However, a lot of Reddit discussions and heated debates with computer gamers will get you thinking – is COD Mobile rather easy to play? We have some answers to why it might feel easy to some of us.

Why COD Mobile Seems So Easy

If you’re a newbie who has just entered into the COD Mobile universe, the game is going to be quite easy for you. The aim here is to get you familiar with the controls and mechanisms and make you battlefield-ready. You’ll be playing against bots before you enter a rank or two.

These bots are rather easy to defeat as they are set to low difficulty. You might feel “Hey, this is easy’ or ‘Wow, I’m a pro at sniping’. But this lasts only up to a certain level.

Call of Duty Mobile (Image via Activision)

Once you reach level 10, the Ranked Mode is unlocked. Now, playing ranked matches might feel slightly harder because now you’re facing real players. When you start losing a few matches, it potentially means now the lobby has players.

Activision, the creator of COD Mobile, has never really commented about bots or AI enemies. But bots are not new to shooters. You encounter at least a few in any game you play.

However, bots or easy levels at the start don’t mean that COD Mobile (or any game, for that matter) is easy to play. As you rank up and progress through levels, the game starts getting harder.

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Why is COD Mobile So Easy? The Shocking Truth


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