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COD Mobile Season 14: Release Date and More Info Revealed

COD Mobile Season 14: Release Date and More Info Revealed
Everything you need to know.

It is inevitable that Season 13 of COD Mobile comes to an end sooner or later, but that doesn’t tell us when Season 14 of COD Mobile is coming out. Or does it?

If you want to find out COD Mobile Season 14 release date along with various other revealed information and leaks about the contents of the new season, then just read on ahead!

What is the Release Date for COD Mobile Season 14?

COD Mobile will see the release of its 14th Season on 27th January, 2021, on Android and iOS devices alike.

COD Mobile Season 14: New Weapons, Maps, and More

There is a lot of new content awaiting players in Season 14 of COD Mobile. Let’s get right into it.

New Weapons

FAMAS (FR 5.56)

This absolutely legendary weapon is the assault rifle that excels in long-rage encounter with incredibly powerful burst fire capabilities. Coupled with its excellent accuracy, it is one of the best medium-long range assault rifles.


The SKS is a unique sniper rifle. The developers themselves stated with this sniper is built for dominating long-range encounters with a much higher-than-average rate of fire.

New Map


This addition is something that is not just exciting for COD Mobile fans. Reclaim is a brand new map being added for the Call of Duty franchise as a wholle, and nst just COD Mobile.

Reclaim is a medium-sized map with a theme of an abandoned city, left deserted as wild plants and vegetation grow rampant all over the place.

New Game Modes

Here are a list of the new confirmed game modes appearing in the 14th Season of Call of Duty Mobile:

  • Attack of the Undead 20
  • Blitz Mode
  • 3v3 Gunfight
  • Headquarter / Hardpoint (Hardcore Mode)

New Characters

We also get four new Epic Operators in COD Mobile Season 14. They are:

  • Prophet – Geist
  • FTL – Power Line
  • David Mason – Enforcer
  • Specter – Chrome

Stay tuned, as we will cover more info about season 14 and COD Mobile in general as it drops!

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COD Mobile Season 14: Release Date and More Info Revealed


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