Who is Yoshie in Death Forest? Answered

yoshie from death forest

Do you enjoy creepy things and games that take place in creepy woods? If so, you might want to consider checking out Death Forest, a horror game where you must survive being chased by four different terrors. You step into the role of Kazuki Uchida, who gets trapped in Aokigahara after his motorcycle breaks down. The first person you will encounter is Yoshie, who will chase you for the entirety of the game. With a smile that never seems to go away, she is a terrifying foe. This will help you learn more about her and how you can avoid her.

The Origin Story Of Yoshie

Yoshie chasing you in Death Forest.

Yoshie was once an average human, a 20-something medical school student who just wanted to explore a forest with her friend. Unfortunately, their innocent hike turned into something tragic when they came upon a cave. There, an unknown figure killed Yoshie, beating her so hard with a pipe that her face split, creating a permanent wide smile. She has no body and is just a ghostly floating head that moves towards you, which somehow makes her extra creepy. You’ll always know if she’s near you when you start to hear her theme song, “The Beginning of Reward”. Basically, when you hear that music play, it’s time to move faster.

How To Avoid Yoshie

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While she might have a nightmare fuel appearance that intimidates you, there are a few tricks to guarantee you can get away from her. The first is making sure not to look at her at all times. If you look at her, you’ll slow down. She’s slower than you are, so outrunning her should not be an issue. If you trigger Stranger’s chase, Yoshie will spawn a long distance away from you so that you have a chance to get away from her before she can get you. It’s essentially giving you a free headstart.

Yoshie may look terrifying, but with these tips, you’ll escape her with no problem.

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Who is Yoshie in Death Forest? Answered


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